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Purivortex Product Team, with over 30 years of experience in air purifying, creates A-1 true HEPA air purifers to customers. We pursure the acme of high quality.

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Purivortex Design Team, full of creativity and imagination, builds unique, marvelous and contemporary icons - not just air purifiers, but icons, arts, and crafts.

Clearer lungs when I wake up

I am usually pretty congested when I wake up in the morning. I live in the desert with lots of dust and we have a dog in the house. Many air filters are loud and take up a lot of room. I put this little guy right on my night stands. The noise it makes is a perfect white noise machine and it filters air well enough to where I could breath easier in the morning.


Great for small spaces

This is perfect for my room that i keep my pets out of. i noticed the difference after having it on for a couple of hours that the air smelled different where i had this then where the pets have access to. i have a tough time with pet dander and seasonal allergies and this has been helpful so that i wake up less congested. it’s also compact and doesn’t take up much room which is great!


Perfect for the bedroom

It came packaged very well and was very easy to assemble and get it started. The airflow that this puts out is impressive. It is small enough for a bedroom. I like the controls on top of the device-- very easy to understand. For a teenager with allergies, it is a must have, especially during spring.

M. Dashiell

Such an easy and great purifier

I placed it in my bedroom due to constant allergies that I never had before moving to a new place. Order this air purifier to help our clean the air and help me sleep better and longer. Turn it on at level 1 and don’t even hear it at all. Small size and perfect for any place in the room.


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