Top 6 Useful Air Purifier Accessories 100% Will Rock


What do you have in mind when talking about air purifier accessories?

Replacement filters?


Actually, there are various types of air purifier accessories available on the market.

In this post, you will learn what these accessories are and their detailed functions.

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1. Core Filters

2. Pre-Filters

3. Adapter

4. Trolley

5. Wall Mount

6. Air Quality Monitor

1. Core Filters

Filters, the essential accessories for air purifiers, can capture particles and odors to varying degrees by leveraging different technologies. The most common air purifier filters are listed below.

HEPA filters are typically the most efficient filters in removing fine or ultra fine particles as small as 0.3 microns. It has a lifespan of 3 to 6 months. If the filter has been overused, you should purchase the replacement filter.

Carbon filters use activated carbon to capture odors and gases, such as chemical odors and smoke. Most filters combine carbon filters with other filters like HEPA filters to capture both odors and particles. Separate carbon filters are available from some brands.

Ionic filters emit negatively charged ions that bind to positively charged air pollutants, making them too heavy to remain in the air. However, it performs significantly worse than a HEPA filter, and performance degrades as the plates become dirty.

Combo filters are commonly used in air purifiers because they can house multiple filters in one. A high-quality portable air purifier has a 3-in-1 filtration system, including pre-filters, H13 true HEPA filters, and activated carbon filters, such as the 201B. Almost all combo filters can be used for about 3 to 6 months.

2. Pre-Filters

Pre-filters are frequently used as the first stage of filtration to capture large or visible particles such as hair, dirt, and dust. After pre-filters have removed large particles, the second stage filtration, such as HEPA filters, can last longer.

Pre-filters are commonly made by fabric, mental grille, or nylon fibers. They are classified as washable or non-washable pre-filters based on their materials.  

Fabric filters are washable pre-filters. You can wash it on the sink or just put it into your wash machine if you think its too dirty. It can be used permanently. Additionally, some brands offer fabric pre-filters in a variety of colors 😊.

Metal filters are another washable pre-filter type. It was made by metal grille. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it or wash it with a brush. It can also be used indefinitely.

Non-washable pre-filters are constructed of nylon fiber and are glued to other filters such as HEPA filters.

3. Adapter

A power adapter is the essential part of an air purifier as well since all air purifiers need the power to operate. When you buy an air purifier, it usually comes with an adapter.

If your power adapter is broken, such as bitten off by your cat, you will need to buy a new one.

4. Trolley

Trolleys are designed for large air purifiers that are too heavy to move. For example, if you need to move a large air purifier to your new home and there is no wheel under the air purifier, you should purchase a trolley to assist you in moving it.

5. Wall Mount

Mega air purifiers may take up large space. You can mount your air purifier on the wall to save your room space.

Some brands may offer ceiling mounts. However, ceiling mounting is not advised. The mega air cleaners may fall to the ground if the installation is not firm. Furthermore, replacing the filters is both inconvenient and dangerous.

Some small air purifiers are designed as compact as possible in order to save space. Therefore, it doesn't need to be hung on the wall. A few brands sell matching wall mounts for their large space air purifiers.

6. Air Quality Monitor

Air quality monitors can detect the real-time air quality in your room. you can use it to check whether your air purifier is working. For example, if the reading of the AQ monitor decreases while your air purifier is running, your air filter is working properly.

There are some air quality monitors that are compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. You can detect the air quality of your room on your phone.

With an air quality monitor, you are able to check the air quality in any room. For example, if you haven’t visited your second rural home for quite a long time, there may be mold or odors.

With an AQ monitor, you are able to check the air quality in your house. If the air quality is bad, putting an air purifier inside your house, and get in your home until the AQ monitor tells you the good news.

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