Purivortex Experts' REC: Best Air Purifiers for Dust in 2022


Dust. Dust. Dust.

Trouble. Trouble. Trouble.

Especially for those allergy or asthma sufferers.

Dust is the most common allergen at home that can cause discomfort year-round and make allergies even worse.

Air purifiers for dust can truly help relieve the allergic and asthma symptoms, regardless seasonal or perennial. With an air purifier, you'll be able to remove all dust and particles and breathe clean air freely.

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        Pick 1. Best Small Room HEPA Air Purifier
        Pick 2. Cutest Midsize Room Air Cleaner
        Pick 3. Smartest Large Room Air Purifier

Part 1. Best 3 Air Purifiers for Dust Removal

All air purifiers have been tested in our Labs. We inject different types of particles into the room, and record the performance and efficiency on how these air purifiers can clean the dusty house.

Pick 1. Best Small Room HEPA Air Purifier for Dust Mites: Purivortex 201B

This compact air purifier is effective in cleaning dust mites at small rooms (up to 215 ft2), such as bedroom, nursery, home office, dens or kitchens.

When the room is filled with pollen, pet & parrot bird dander, this air cleaner is able to remove these particles within minutes.

The secret of removing the dust lies in the air purifier's 3-in-1 HEPA filter. Combining the pre-filter, the H13 true HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter, 201B is capable of removing any dust and particles larger than 0.3 micrometer and absorbing smells and odors.

201B air purifier is ideal for removing dust, pet dander/hair, cat litter dust, pollen in small rooms. When putting this desktop air purifier on your table, you'll breathe clean air in 1 second since fresh air will just breeze on your face instantly.

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Pick 2. Best & Cutest Medium Room HEPA Air Purifiers for Dust Allergy: Purivortex V1

This HEPA air purifier helps relieve dust mite allergy with the H13 HEPA filter. The built-in brushless motor absorbs the outside air into the air cleaner. When the dirty air passes through the filter, the dust mites, pollen and other large and ultrafine particles will be blocked by the filter.

What I love it most is its cute design. It looks like a lovely penguin or a Bing Dwen Dwen. When putting this best air purifier in your home, you'll be able to ease the dust mite allergy while adding the stylish décor to your home.

The small home air purifier will keep all allergens and particles away from you, like pet dander/fur, dust mites, mold, wood dust, pollen, smoke, smog, etc., leveling up your living environment at small bedrooms or midsize living rooms.

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Pick 3. Smartest & Best Large Room Air Purifier for Dust Removal: Purivortex V3

The large room air purifier is now the smartest option to eliminate heavy dust and odors, be it construction dust, lead dust, silica dust, drywall dust, saw dust, white dust, cooking smell, smoking smell, etc.

The powerful 4-layer HEPA filtration system filters just every dust in the air, both small rooms and large rooms. It is capable of cleaning up to 430 ft2 area twice per hour. You may put this air purifier in the dusty home basement to control the dust. The dust will be reduced greatly, saving your time on cleaning task.

This air purifier with washable pre-filter, is able to block the large dust when the air passes through the first layer. After that, the second H13 true HEPA filter will keep ultrafine dust at bay. The third activated carbon filter and the fourth cold catalyst filter will adsorb odors and smell to keep the air at home & condo dust-free and smell-free.

With the built-in dust sensor, this air purifier auto detects the amount of dust in the air, and reports the real-time air quality via the LED color. When you enable the auto mode, this air cleaner will change the fan speed automatically based on the air quality. You’ll always be immersed in fresh air.

Part 2. Do Air Purifiers Work Against Dust

Our mailbox was bombarded by hundreds of questions in terms of air purifiers for dust, like;

  • Do air purifiers really get rid of dust?
  • Air purifier to reduce house dust, is it worth it?
  • Are air purifiers worth it for dust?
  • Can air purifiers help with dust?
  • Is air purifier good for dust?
  • How much dust do air purifiers remove
  • Is an air purifier good for dust mites?
  • Are air purifiers worth it for dust mites?
  • Does an air purifier lessen dust and pet hair?
  • Do air purifiers work well to reduce dust?
  • Do HEPA air filters protect against lead dust

The answer is YES! HEPA air purifiers are good at removing massive amount of dust and preventing dust buildup. Regardless cat/dog litter dust, pet dander/fur, dust, smoke, smog, pollen, hay fever, dust mites, air purifiers will cut them down, and help to improve the allergic or asthma symptoms.

Most dust particles are 1-5 microns. They are too small to be noticed and tend to remain suspended in air for quite a long time. Only HEPA filters can remove them. HEPA filters are able to block any particle larger than 0.3 micron. The diameter or the size of the dust particle, surpasses 0.3 micron, which can be easily caught and removed by a HEPA filter.

So, what's the best air purifier for dust?

The answer is: true HEPA air purifiers are the best for dust removal😊

Part 3. What Kinds of Dust in Your Home

The dust you always see in your house includes:

  • Soil that is tracked into your home
  • Particles from the outside air
  • Skin particles
  • Food debris
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Pet dander/fur
  • Insect body parts
  • Dust mite allergens
  • Fibers from your carpet or bedding

All of the above dust can be removed easily by true HEPA air purifiers.

Part 4. How to Reduce Dust Without Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are currently one of the best and most effective ways to remove dust. If you don't want to invest in an air cleaner, you can try the below ways to remove dust without air purifiers.

Way 1. Vacuum your home twice per week. Get a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust on your floors and carpets, reducing dust buildup at home.

Way 2. Clean and dust your electronics and tables. Use a dry and soft cloth to wipe off the dust on the electronics, such as your computers and TVs. Keeping your electronics dust-free will lessen the overall dusts in your house while keeping your electronics performing well. Also, use a damp cloth to dust your tables.

Way 3. Change your bedding weekly. Your bed & mattress will also be invaded by dust. Besides vacuuming your bed and mattress weekly, it is also important to change the bedding once per week. Changing the bedding will reduce the dust mites, helping to ease your dust mite allergies.

Way 4. Keep humidity levels low. Humidity will tempt the mold and moisture-loving dust mites. Keeping the humidity levels at 40% or less suppresses the thriving of mold or dust mites.

Way 5. Groom your pet. Pet fur and dander are the most common dust allergy sources. Keeping your cats and dogs well-groomed helps cut down on the amount of dust and dust mites.

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