Air Purifiers for Large Rooms – Smartest Pick & Best Beginners' Guide


In my previous blog, I have shared the best air purifiers for small rooms.

Now, it's time to share the best air purifier for large rooms.

First question

What rooms can be called large rooms?

How large is "large"?

According to Purivortex engineers, in air purifier field, a room, larger than 35 m2/376 sq.ft, is called a large room.

You shall get a large room air purifier if your room is bigger than 35 m2/376 sq.ft.

In this post, I'll include the best pick of air purifier for large room in 2022, as well as the detailed beginners' guide.

Explore the Chapters:
#1. Smart HEPA Air Purifier for Large Rooms
#2. How We Pick the Best Large Room Air Purifier
#3. Large Room Air Purifier Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Purivortex V3 - Best & Smartest HEPA Air Purifier for Large Rooms Review

This HEPA air purifier is designed for large spaces. With the CADR of 200 m3/h, it is capable of refreshing a 430 ft2 room 2X per hour.

Besides its efficient air purification performance, what I love it most is its pre-filter colors. The large space air purifier comes with 2 washable fabric pre-filters: turquoise green and basalt grey colors, so you may dress the air cleaner based on your home décor.

With powerful 4-layer HEPA filtration, this big room air purifier can filter just every airborne particles, such as dust, mites, pet dander, hair, smoke, smog, and absorb any smells, like cat & dog urine smells, VOCs, mold odors, etc.

Hint: Read this post for more details about air purifiers for smell.

That means you are able to place the air purifier for large open spaces, like your home living room, large master bedroom, basement, kitchen, playroom, family room, open concept studio, office, etc.

The smart air purifier can monitor the air quality with the advanced laser sensor. When you enable the auto mode, the air filtration system will adjust the fan speed based on the air quality.

Product Image

Product Name


Power Supply

45 W

Rated Power

100-120 V, 60 Hz

Effective Range

Up to 430 ft2/40 m2


200 m3/h

Noise Level

23-55 dB


51 X 33 X 17 cm/20 X 13 X 6.7 in

Net Weight

6 kg/13.2 lbs.

What's in the Box

1X Air Purifier
1X Power Adapter
1X User Manual


Watch the video below to see more features of V3.

If you want an air purifier for allergy or wanna find the best and most affordable air cleaner for large living rooms with pets, Purivortex V3 is your NO.1 CHOICE.😊

Whether you are in Canada, US, UK, India, Australia, NZ, you can buy this best air purifier for large rooms on official online or Amazon.

#2. How We Pick the Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms

Tons of ads and videos say "Oh, mine is the best air purifier in the world for every room size! Just buy it”

Well, maybe you don't buy it.

Me, either 😉

It is not that easy to choose the best home air purifier for large rooms. To help you get the best one without being trapped by the ads, we have included the necessary points, helping you to get one for your extra-large room.

1. Go for True HEPA & Activated Carbon Filters

The filter inside the air purifier are the core and A-1 point, since it determines what it is capable of removing.

The H13 true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter are INDISPENSABLE if you want an air purifier for your big house.

H13 true HEPA filters can filter every airborne particle large than 0.3 μm – nothing can escape from the filter.

The activated caron filter is engineered to adsorb smells and odors, helping remove the mold smells in your basement or urine odors in your pets' room.

Take Purivortex V3 as an example. This large room HEPA air purifier has 4 layers of filtration system, including the washable fabric pre-filter, the H13 true HEPA filter, the activated carbon filter and cold catalyst filter, able to remove all dust, pet dander or dust mites and smoke while killing all unpleasant smells.

If you want an air purifier for large room with washable filter, V3 is a good investment, since its fabric pre-filter is washable. Simply put it in a washing machine, dry it and dress it back to the air cleaner.

But if you an air purifier with permanent filter for large room, I am sorry to tell you that this type of air purifier doesn't exit.

Except the fabric pre-filters, the HEPA filter, activated carbon filter are old catalyst filter (typically all-in-one) are not washable. The longer you use the air purifier, the more dust or particles it will collect, and the stronger smell it will adsorb. The filter will be dirty and smelly when time goes by.

That's why there are NO permanent filters in the world. Those so-called permanent filters are just sales tricks. You still need to change the filter every 3-6 months regularly for the best air conversion efficiency.

You may say, if there are no permanent filters, I can get a large room air purifier with UV light. Then I don't need filters at all.

UV air purifiers may do harm to your skin and eyes if you are exposed the UV light. UV air purifiers, though effective in removing bacteria, viruses and some mold spores, do nothing to remove particles like dust or pet dander.

Still, you need HEPA air purifiers and activated carbon filters to remove allergens and particles.

Just go ahead and get the best all-in-1 HEPA air purifiers for large areas.

2. Get an Air Purifier for Big Spaces with Smart Sensor

Smart air purifiers need smart sensor to monitor the real-time air quality. The sensitive laser sensor keeps track of the air and analyzes the air ingredients, such as the amount of the dust, and display the air quality via the LED color.

Smart auto sensor often works together with auto mode. After you have set the large room air purifier into auto mode, it will change the fan speed automatically based on the air quality. You don't need to manually adjust the fan speed, and breathe fresh air all the time.

3. Opt to BIG CADR

CADR measures how much air flow an air purifier can filter. For a large office room, such as 1,000 sq.ft, 900 sq.ft or 600 sq.ft, you shall get an air cleaner with bigger CADR.

For example, the V3 can refresh 430 ft2 twice per hour. If have an extra-large open space, such as 2,000, 2,500, 3,000 square feet, just get several V3 to cover the huge areas.

Learn more: How many air purifiers do I need.

4. Choose a Quiet Large Room Air Purifier

When you place an air purifier for your large home office, your office building, the noise would be a big trouble.

Always get a quiet air purifier for your large room.

Question: how quiet is "quiet"?

Answer: An air purifier with 20-30 dB is rated as quiet.

20 dB is similar to whispering from 5 feet away and 30 dB is equal to whispering nearby.

In short, you shall get a top-rated air purifier for large room with 20-30 dB so you won’t be bothered by the operation noise.

5. Select the Best-Rated Ozone-Free for Large Rooms

A good large room air purifier should be no ozone produced when operating. Inhaling ozone, even in small amounts, can irritate the lungs. The side effects of exposing to ozone may include throat irritation, coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath and an increased risk of respiratory infections.

Thus, if you want the best large room air purifier for smoke, dust, mold, allergy, asthma, always get a green ozone-free one.

Those UV air purifiers, rated as medial grade, are often used to kill viruses, will produce ozone. That's why you shall avoid the UV type for a very-large room.

6. Find an Easy-to Move & Portable Air Purifier for Large Rooms

Best air purifiers should not be just "best" in air purification but also "best" in portability.

The best portable air purifier for large room should be moved easily and effortlessly. The V3, reviewed above, has two pragmatic handles for each side. You are able to lift this air cleaner and move it from room to room.

What's the best large room air purifier?

The best air purifier for a great room should be equipped with HEPA & activated carbon filters, able to monitor the air quality while quiet and ozone-free when operating, as well as being portable for easy movement.

#3. Frequently Asked Questions of Large Room Air Purifiers

You ask, we answer. You share, we feature.

Just ask every possible you may have about big room or whole-house air purifiers in the comment below, and we will answer your question within 24 hours & add your questions into this FAQ list.

Besides, we would love to hear your voice. Just share your insights in the comment and we will also include them here.

1. Can an air purifier be too big for a room?

A1: Yes, an air purifier could be too big for a room. For example, if your bedroom is just a 15 X 15 ft room, you don't need a large room air purifier.

If you put a big room air purifier in a small room, the air cleaning will be much more efficient. The downside is that you would need to pay too much for the device and have more costly filter changes.

So, a small air purifier is sufficient to cover your bedroom, small storage room, small workshop or home office, etc.

2. Will a small air purifier work in a large room?

A2: A small air purifier works in a large room, but it takes quite a long time to refresh the air in a big area.

That is to say, a small air purifier can filter a small amount of air near the air purifier and may not be efficient to clean the whole house or a large space.

Always get small air purifies for small rooms, and big air purifiers for big rooms.

3. Do air purifiers work in big room?

A3: Yes, air purifiers d work in large rooms. You can simply place either a big room air purifier or several small air purifiers to cover a large area for whole-house air purification.

4. Is it better to have one large air purifier or multiple small ones?

A4: If your apartment or office is an open space, one large room air purifier is ablet to filter out the whole-house air. However, if every room is closed, a big room air cleaner won’t be ablet to clean the air in other rooms. Under such a circumstance, you shall get multiple small ones to cover each room.

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