Best Air Purifier for Living Room: Surrounded by Zero-Pollution Air


The living room is the place where you spend the most time with your family. Watch a movie, have breakfast, take a nap on the sofa...

So the air quality in the living room is worthy of attention. Poor air quality can have a bad impact on your health and respiratory tract, especially for someone with allergies.

That’s why you should get an air purifier for your living room. Below is the complete buying guide we prepare for you:

1. Buying Tips on Living Room Air Purifier

2. Best Air Purifiers for Living Room

3. Placement of Air Purifier in Living Room

4. FAQs on Air Purifier for Living Room

Part 1: What Should You Consider When Buying an Air Purifier for Living Room

When looking for an air purifier for your living room, there are some points to be considered.

#1. Size of Your Living Room

To find an air purifier that can clean the air in your living room, the most important thing is to know how large your living room is. This point is related to CADR.

Air purifier CADR measures the area an air filter can cover. It is important since it determines the efficiency of the device in purifying the air in the living room. You should choose an air purifier with a CADR rating that meets the area.

What is the best air purifier for my 600/800/900/1,000 square feet of living room?

Here is the formula on how to calculate CADR rating: [(ACH X Room Area X Ceiling Height)/60] X 1.699 m3/h

If your living room is 20 (L) ft X 20(W) ft = 400 ft2 and the ceiling height is 10 ft, it means that you should buy an air purifier with at least [(2 X 400 X 10)/60)] X 1.699=226 m3/h.

Check this post for more details on air purifier CADR and pick the best one meeting your living room area.

#2. Filtration Type

There are different types of filters, but always go for air purifiers that clean the air in a physical way. Professionals in Purivortex highly recommend a living room air purifier running with HEPA filters and activated carbon filters.

The HEPA filter can remove 99.99% of airborne contaminants and allergens down to 0.3 microns, not causing any side effect, unlike ionic air purifier and UV light air purifier that generates ozone.

The activated carbon filter is designed to remove smoke, odors and gasses from the air. It is the best air purifier for smokers or who suffers from second-hand smoke.

If someone smokes in your living room, remember to get an air purifier with the activated carbon filter to save yourself from cigarette smoke.

#3. Noise Level

If you don't want the noise from the air purifier to interfere with your conversation, TV watching, or napping, picking a quiet air purifier for your living room is vital.

Go for an air purifier that produces no more than 60 dB (normal conversation) of noise at maximum fan speed.

#4. Appearance

The living room is also the place where you meet your guests. So you should not only focus on the function of the air purifier, but also its appearance. A home air purifier can be also a part of the decor.

Pick a purification device that matches the style of your living room and make it a stylish ornament in your home. Take Purivortex AC400 as an example, it can colorize your living room with rainbow night light.

Part 2: Top 3 Best Air Purifiers for Living Room

With these factors in mind, we have listed the 3 best air purifiers for the living room.

1. Best Portable Air Purifier for Small Living Room: Purivortex 201B

This portable air purifier is designed for small living rooms up to 215 ft2. It is ultra lightweight so that you can take it anywhere as you move from room to room.

With a handy handle, you can hold it easily. You can lay it down on the table and enjoy the direct breeze blowing on your face.

It uses a three-stage filtration, including a pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. That makes it excellent in removing airborne particles like dust, pollen, dust mites, and unpleasant odors like smoke, cooking smells and VOCs.

It generates only 20 dB at the lowest speed, which won't disturb you whether you are watching TV or sleeping in the living room.

Watch the video below to learn more about this portable and small air purifier:


2. Best Quiet Air Purifier for Medium Living Room: Purivortex AC400

It is the quietest air purifier for medium-sized living rooms up to 880 ft2, removing airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, bacteria and mold. This is thanks to its three-stage filtration system.

The filtration system used in AC400 consists of a pre-filter, an H13 HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. It has 3 types of filters available for different air problems. Depending on the living room air problem you want to solve, buy the ideal filter to tailor your needs.

This air purifier is very quiet during operation. When switched to the lowest fan setting, it can maintain a noise level of 19.9 dB, ensuring that it can stay quiet enough not to disturb your rest.

In addition, it will be a perfect decorative piece in your living room. Its colorful night light can be set to a seven-color cycle (rainbow) or fixed on your favorite color - blue, green or purple. The atmosphere of your living room will change with the different night light color.

Take a look at the video below to know more about this stylish air purifier with colorful light:

3. Best Smart Air Purifier for Large Living Room: Purivortex V3

If you are looking for an air purifier with smart sensor for your living room, just go for V3. It is able to refresh the air 2 times an hour in a 1,076 ft2 large living room.

This machine has a 4-stage filtration: a washable fabric pre-filter for capturing large particles in the living room, an H13 true HEPA filter for trapping tiny particles like pollen and dust down to 0.3 microns, an activated carbon filter and cold catalyst filter used to absorb unwelcome household odors.

It offers 4 modes for you to choose from, notably its auto mode. In auto mode, this smart air purifier will adjust the fan speed according to the real-time air quality of the living room. You can always keep track of the air quality in your living room by the color of the LED lights on the display.

When the sleep mode is activated, V3 makes only 23 dB of noise. You don't have to worry about it disturbing your rest time.

Here is a video showing how V3 refreshes the air in your 800, 900 or 1,000 sq. ft. large living room:

Part 3: Where Should an Air Purifier Be Placed in the Living Room

After taking your best HEPA air purifier home, you need to consider the position to put it. A right location will maximize the purifier's effectiveness in cleaning the air in the living room.

One of the best places to put your air purifier is near doorways. As you or your family come and go, the dirty air from outside has a chance to enter your home. If you place the air purifier close to the entrance, it will capture these contaminants before they enter the interior of your home.

Place your air purifier near the source of air pollution. If someone is smoking in the living room, you should place the device next to him/her so that the cigarette smoke does not spread throughout the house. The activated carbon filter will eliminate unpleasant odors and only leave fresh air.

Place the air purifier in a vent rather than a corner of your living room. This improves the air purifier's ability to draw in polluted air and expel clean air, giving your family a purest breathing heaven.

You can get more info about air purifier placement by checking this post.

Part 4: FAQs on Air Purifier for Living Room

Q1. Can air purifiers cool the room?

No, air purifiers can not cool the room because of lacking cooling mechanisms. But an air purifier can act as a fan. You might feel cool if you direct the air purifier's vents toward your body. For real cooling, you should consider running your air conditioner.

Q2. Should you have an air purifier in every room?

No, not at all. You can only put air purifiers in the rooms where you spend the majority of your time or where the air quality is poor. But if you are extremely sensitive to dust, pollen or viruses, it is recommended to have one in every room.

Here is another post discussing in depth how many air purifiers you need, click here.

Q3. Do indoor air purifiers really work?

Absolutely! Air purifiers are effective in neutralizing most airborne particles in your home, especially air purifiers with HEPA filter. As the air passes through the filter, the pollutants and allergens will be captured. Only the filtered and clean air can be pushed back out into the indoor space.

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