Air Purifiers for Smokers: Your Best Picks to Remove Cigarette and Smog Smoke and Odors


Worry about secondhand smoke from your neighbors or outside chain smokers?

Tired of having to go outside to smoke?

Can't stand the bad smoking smell from your roommates or partners?

An air purifier for smoker is all you need to solve your puzzles!

Check the below top-rated air purifiers for smoke and smog and learn why you should invest one if you want to get rid of the smoke smell.

And, you can also simply go straight ahead to FAQs before you purchase your first air purifier for cigarette smoke.


#1. How Air Purifiers Work for Smoke

#2. Best Air Purifiers for Smokers

#3. Air Purifiers Are REALLY Worth It

#4. FAQs About Air Purifiers for Smoke

#1. How Air Purifiers Work for Smoke

HEPA air purifiers can filter ultra-small particles (larger 0.3 micrometer), such as dust, pollen, smoke or smog with the HEPA filter.

If the air purifier also includes the activated carbon filter, it is also able to suck up the strong smoke smell in the smoking room, or bedroom, living room, etc.

Smoke or smog is a kind of airborne particles, and can be filtered by air cleaners.

The smoking from the cigarette, cigar, weed or electronic cigarette, is filtered by the HEPA layer of the system, and then the terrible smoke smell is absorbed by the activated carbon filter. In the end, fresh air comes out from the outlet of air purifiers.

#2. Best Air Purifiers for Smokers

Whether you are looking for an air purifier for removing weed, smoke smell or odor, small rooms, large rooms, vapors, smoking indoors/inside or outdoors, or to deal with smoking neighbors, tobacco smoke, pipe smoke, hookah/incense smoke, secondhand smoke for your home or rental apartment, the below top 3 picks can meet your every smoking and odor removal need.

1. Purivortex 201B: Most Quiet Air Purifier for Smoke in Bedroom, Basement or Indoors ($49.99)

Purivortex 201B, a small air purifier, is suitable for easy placement in your bedroom, living room, balcony, tailored for heavy smokers who smoke.

This room air purifier for smokers filters both the smoke or smog particles and smoking smells & odors with the powerful 3-in-1 filter – prefilter, H13 true HEPA filter and activated caron filter.

If you want the best air purifier for smoke under $50, Purivortex 201B air purifier smoke eater is a good bet.

By placing it at your home, you don't need to worry about your smoke would bother your wife, your toddler or baby or your roommates.

Meanwhile, when set to the lowest fan speed, the air cleaner only produces 20 dB (whisper), which is the quietest air purifiers in the market now.

This portable air purifier comes with the pragmatic handle, so that you can take it with you easily, or lie it down on the table for direct fresh air.

Put this air purifier for smoking lounge or indoor smoking at your home to eliminate the smoke and smog without worrying about the smell.


2. Purivortex V1: Best Home Air Purifiers for Smoke in Bathroom, Bedroom or Smoking Area ($89.99)

This cigarette smoke absorber can filter the smoke and smog particles with its H13 HEPA filter.

If you want to place an air purifier at your bathroom for smoking, please only put the device in your bathroom when you smoke, and move it to a dry room (such as your bedroom or living room) to prevent the inside HEPA filter from being damaged by the moist.

This air purifier for smoke is suitable for a larger area compared with the above 201B. V1 is able to cover up to 270 ft2 area for effective cigarette smoking cleaning.

Watch the video below to see how effective this commercial and home air purifier is when it comes to removing cigarette smoke.

If you want an effective air purifier under $100 or $200, V1 would be a good investment for removing the smoke.

Where to Buy Air Purifiers for Smokers

Whether you are in US, UK, New Zealand (NZ), Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Canada, or other countries and areas, you can purchase the best air purifiers for cigarette or wildfire smoke on official online store, Amazon, Walmart, Costco, The Home Depot, Target, Lowe's, BestBuy, eBay,

#3. Air Purifiers Are REALLY Worth It

Be clear: air purifiers are a wise investment to eliminate or reduce tobacco or cigarette smoke.

If you are a smoker, or if you have a chain smoke neighbor, the secondhand smoke may be a serious problem for your family.

Getting an air purifier for smoke is an effective way of minimizing the potential risk to your family.

That‘s why air purifiers are worth it when it is used to remove cigarette smoke and smell.

As a smoker, you may know the risk you take but children and non-smokers may not know the risk from smokers.

If babies or non-smokers are exposed to secondhand or thirdhand smoke, it leads to reduced attention performance and poorer visuomotor skills.

Thus, to help prevent your children and families from being impacted by smokers, it is worthwhile to get an air purifier to swallow the “poisoned” cigarette smoke.

#4. FAQs About Air Purifiers for Smoke

Please check the below FAQs to air purifiers for smoking. If you have other questions, please share your questions in the comment below. We will add your questions in the list!

1. Do air purifiers work against smoke?

Does air purifier work for smoke? Will air purifier remove cigarette smoke? Do air purifiers help with vaping?

How well do air purifiers remove smoke in rooms that came from outside the home?

A: Air purifiers are effective to remove smoke from cigarette, weed, or e-cigarette, etc. Smoke is a kind of particles which can be filtered by the HEPA filter of air purifiers.

Once there is smoke in the air, air purifiers will catch it immediately, which stops the transmission of the smoke particles in the air.

2. Can air purifiers remove smoke smell?

Do air purifiers remove cigarette smell?

A: air purifiers with activated carbon filter is efficient to suck up the smoke smell regardless indoors or outside.

The activated carbon filters are the most commonly used to remove gases. They are built to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from household products, also widely used to remove odors and smells from the air, like the smell of cigarette or tobacco smoke.

However, activated carbon filters are not able to remove particles such as pollen, dust, mold from the air. HEPA filters are used to tackle those airborne particles. Nowadays, most air purifiers will combine HEPA filters and activated carbon filters, so that they can both remove particles and odors for best versatility.

3. Do ionizers remove cigarette smoke?

A: Ozone ionizer are purifiers can remove cigarette smoke and odors from the indoor air environment.

However, ozone will do harm to the ozone layer and lead to greenhouse effect. Hence, HEPA air purifiers are the best and most eco-friendly way to remove cigar or weed smoke.

4. Do air purifiers help with fire smoke?

Do air purifiers work for wood smoke?

A: Smoke, regardless of California wildlife smoke or cigarette, is a kind of particles. Hence, HEPA air purifiers can help with fire smoke by filtering the smoke particles, and provide cleaner air for clean lung.

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