3 Best Air Purifiers with White Noise - Soothe You to Sleep with Purest Air & Lullaby


If you have sleeping or focusing trouble, the following could be the cause:

  • Stress from the day
  • Medication interference
  • It is too quiet in your room
  • It is too loud in your room
  • Unable to breathe well, for example, your room has stale odors or is lack of ventilation

Air purifiers with white noise can not only address the air quality issue but also produce gentle white noise, creating a relaxing sleep or study environment 🤗

Here you will get the best white noise air purifier picks, a better understanding of white noise, and answers to the hottest questions.

Rapidly Drift off To:

Part 1. What Is White Noise

Part 2. The Benefits of White Noise

Part 3. Top 3 White Noise Air Purifiers

Pick 1: Best for Bedrooms - 201B

Pick 2: Best for Large Spaces- V3

Pick 3: Best for Babies & Kids - AC400

Part 4. FAQs - Air Purifier and White Noise Machine

Part 1. What Is White Noise

White noise contains all sound frequencies played at the same intensity or amplitude. You can visualize the white noise as 200,000 tones playing simultaneously.

A humming air conditioner and a whirring fan are examples of white noise. White noise can help you sleep better by masking other more disturbing sounds.

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends keeping your air purifier or white noise machine volume at or below 55 dB.

Part 2. The Benefits of White Noise

White noise is a nice background sound for working, sleeping, studying, or meditating. It can help you focus better on your work or study, relax your mind.

#1. Establishes a Nightly Routine

According to Purivortex engineers, white noise helps people not only fall asleep but also stay asleep.

Everyone's nighttime routine may differ, such as reading, writing a diary, or meditating. You can incorporate the white noise into your nighttime routine. When you play white noise, your brain knows it's time to rest and unwind. Thus, this white noise will act as a sleeping signal for your brain.

#2. Masks Distracting Noises

If loud noises, such as your roommates' late-night party or barking dogs, are interfering with your study or sleep, white noise can help to calm you down.

A whistling from the wind may startle you awake at midnight if you are a light sleeper. When you listen to white noise, any other noise is simply blended in and goes unnoticed, allowing you to sleep soundly all night.

If you work in an open office with noisy co-workers and are frequently disturbed by office noise, your productivity will suffer. Luckily, white noise will muffle the loud noise from your colleague, allowing you to concentrate more effectively.

#3. Keeps a Bee at Bay in Your Mind

A sudden sound can trigger your mind if you suffer from insomnia and find it difficult to stop thinking at midnight. The white noise, such as the “Shh” sound from television or radio static can create a relaxing environment that can help you fall asleep.

Part 3. The Top White Noise Air Purifier Picks (Powerful Purification Abilities & Stylish Design )

Air purifiers with true HEPA & carbon filters are the best air cleaning options since they can neutralize all odors and zap almost 99.99% of air particles.

The table below summarizes the best white noise air filters with true HEPA & carbon filters.

Product Name

Purivortex V3

Purivortex AC400

Purivortex 201B

Noise Level

23-55 dB

19.9-55 dB

20-40 dB

Fan Speed




Filter Type

H13 True HEPA & Activated Carbon & Cold Catalyst

H13 True HEPA & Activated Carbon

H13 True HEPA & Activated Carbon

Filtration Stage




Pick 1: Best Air Purifier with White Noise - Purivortex V3

This is a large room air purifier suitable for a living room, apartment, or office. Its large-size 4-in-1 filtration system can trap almost all odors and air particles.

If you are allergic to pollen, pet dander, pet hair, mold, dust, or other air pollutants, this air purifier will relieve your allergic symptoms like coughing and itchy eyes within minutes.

The white noise of this machine in sleep mode is only 20 dB (just like someone whispering from 5 miles away). Therefore, this machine is without a doubt the best option if you are sensitive to noise and require a relatively quiet environment for sleeping or studying.

This air purifier has built-in air quality sensors. With this machine on, you can monitor the real-time air quality in your room.

Pick 2: Best Air Purifier That Makes White Noise - Purivortex AC400

Because a baby's hearing is still developing and more fragile than adults, white noise should be kept under 30 dB.

This is the best air purifier for babies because the white noise level is only 19.9 dB (the same as your breathing) in sleep mode, which is the ideal white noise for a baby.

If your baby has “insomnia” and frequently wakes up at night, you can use this air purifier as a sleep aid by purifying the air and producing white noise.

Aside from producing white noise, its exceptional air purification is what sets it apart from other air purifiers. It has a 3-in-1 powerful filtration for filtering out both odors and fine air particles.

If you live near a road and are frequently bothered by car exhausts, dust, and booming sounds, this machine will perfectly address these issues by filling your room with the purest air and gentle white noise.

Pick 3: Best for Bedrooms - Purivortex 201B

This portable air purifier is designed for small rooms of up to 215 ft2, making it ideal for your bedroom, kitchen, or small office.

This machine's highest fan speed produces a noise of about 55 dB, which is ideal for drowning out other noises while soothing your brain.

If your neighbor is too loud at night while you sleep, place this compact air filter on your table with the highest fan speed to muffle the annoying noises.

It weighs only 2.07 pounds, which is less than the weight of five phones, making it an excellent travel air purifier. If you are concerned about poor air quality or poor sound insulation in your hotel room, you can travel with this small air purifier 😉

Part 4. FAQs - Air Purifier and White Noise Machine

I've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the air purifier with white noise to help you fully comprehend it before making a purchase.

Q1. Are Air Purifiers Noisy?

It depends.

If the noise level of your air purifier is less than 60 dB, the air purifier is not noisy. However, if your air purifier's noise level exceeds 60 dB, the air purifier may be noisy.

Q2. Why Is My Air Purifier Making Noise?

Normally, a whispering sound is considered a normal operating sound of an air purifier.

If your air purifier makes a hissing, beeping, or rattling sound, it may be broken or your filter is not properly installed.

Hint: Read this post for more information about why your air purifier is making an unusual noise.

Q3. How to Include White Noise in Your Bedtime Routine?

The more you listen to white noise at night, the more your brain will associate it with sleep.

As part of your bedtime routine, you can set your air purifier to turn on at 10 pm and turn off at 12.

Note: Please check if the air purifier has a timer function before purchasing because not all air purifiers have one. The air purifiers listed above all have timer functions.

Q4. Should I Sleep with an Air Purifier On?

The simple answer is YES!

Air pollution and loud noises do not stop when you sleep. Keep it open all night if you want to sleep soundly with the purest air and gentle white noise.

You don’t need to worry about electricity because air purifiers typically use very little. Read this post for more information about air purifier running costs.

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