Best Air Purifiers for Bedroom in 2022 – Better Air for Better Sleep


Bedroom is your most comfortable heaven. And, your heaven deserves the best.

Your sleep quality is correlated with the air quality. The air purifier is efficient to improve the air quality and then facilitate your sleep quality.

That’s why you wanna get an air purifier for your bedroom.

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#1. Best HEPA Air Purifiers for Bedroom (Reviewed & Picked)
#2. Helpful Buying Guide to Bedroom Air Purifier in 2022
#3. Most Frequently Asked Questions to Bedroom Air Purifiers

#1. Top-Line Air Purifiers for Small Bedroom (Reviewed by Professional Team)

Bedroom air purifiers are designed to be on all the time during your sleep. The below recommended air cleaning devices can be turned on 24/7, so that you can breathe freely anytime.

These air purifiers are tested and reviewed by our experienced team who have been in the air purifier field for over 15 years.

Pick 1. 201B Pro – Best Small Air Purifier for Bedroom

This cute small air purifier is ultra light-weight and portable, so you can move it from room to room, or take it with you when you go to work or travel. The portable air purifier is designed for small rooms up to 215 ft2/20 m2, such as your apartment bedroom, dorm room, nursery room, workout room, living room, smoking room, basement bedroom, musty room, stinky room, etc.

It has the handy handle so that you can hold it easily. The handle also helps the air purifier lie down on the table, so that you can enjoy the wind breezing to your face directly. That is to say, it is not just an air purifier, but a fan!

What our review team loves it most is the ultra-low decibel design and 3-part filtration.

This air fresher produces only as little as 20 dB (lower than whisper), so it won't disturb your sleep when you turn it on.

The warm yellow LED can act as a night light and turn your home into a cozy heaven. If you don't want to keep it on, simply turn it on with one tap on the night light button.

3- stage filtration includes pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. The pre-filter and H13 true HEPA filters block airborne particles, like smoke, dust, pollen, dust mite, pet dander, hair.

The activated carbon filter absorbs the smell, such as strong vape/weed smell, odor, etc. So, the air after filtration is extremely fresh. This HEPA air purifier is good for grow room, smelly room, stuffy room, nail room, children's room, hotel room.

The HEPA filter lasts for 3-6 months, based on the number of airborne particles in the application environment. For example, if you place this air purifier near the window (window is open and near the street), the filter will be filled by the dust quickly, since it is exposed to the dust.

If you place in your bedroom where is rather clean without too much dust, the filter can even last more than 6 months. According to our manufacturing team and engineers, it is advised to change the replacement filter every 3-6 months for the best air filtration efficiency.

Pick 2. V1 – Stylish Air Purifier for Your Home Bedroom

V1 is a true HEPA air purifier that is ideal for placement on your table or on the floor in your bedroom.

It has the sleep mode which is ideal for your sleep. When you turn on the sleep mode, it will operate extremely quietly (down to 24 dB). Thus, you can have sweeter dreams with the white noise.

You may keep the blue LED on as a night light or turn it off if you don't want it. The stylish and sleek design can add a perfect décor to your bedroom while enjoying truly fresh air.

The efficient HEPA filter will keep those airborne particles at bay, ensuring the air it purifies is ultra clean.

This air purifier has 3 fan settings, able to convert dirty air into clean air quickly with the brushless DC motor. If you are an asthma sufferer and allergic to dust, pet dander, dust mites, pollens, this air purifier is great for allergies, and will truly ease your allergic symptoms.

This versatile HEPA air purifier is good for office room, medium room, closed room, computer room, master room, gaming room, massage room, server room, hospital room, infant room, reptile room, rooms with high vaulted ceiling, toddler room, dusty room, exercise room, damp room, cigar bedroom, bird room, operating room, hot room.

This air cleaner is efficient in covering up to 270 ft2/25 m2, so can measure your bedrooms' area to see if it is sufficient for your home apartment bedroom.

#2. How to Choose the Best HEPA Air Purifiers for Your Bedroom

Follow this easy-to-go buying guide to choose the ideal air purifier for your bedroom, regardless 1- or 2-bedroom apartment, master room small bedroom.

1. Go Low Decibel, Go Sweet Dream: Quiet operation is another key factor when selecting an air cleaning system for your bedroom, since large noise would obviously disturb your sleep. Hence, pick an air purifier for your dorm or apartment bedroom with as low decibel as possible (at least ≤ 25 dB).

2. Go HEPA, Go Clean Air: Always go for an air purifier with true HEPA filter for your bedroom, since this type of air cleaners is efficient to take down at least 99.95% of super micro particles.

3. Go Activated Carbon Filter, Go Fresh: The activated carbon filter inside the air purifier is able to make those unpleasant smell or odors disappear. So, if your bedroom is a closed one and is in basement which might be stuffy, remember to get an air purifier with the activated carbon filter so your bedroom will smell like a fresh forest.

4. Go Compact, Go Mobile: It is not necessary to get a huge tank air purifier for your bedroom, especially the small ones. A compact or small size is enough to cover your bedroom. Meanwhile, a mini air purifier enables you to place it in your bedroom wherever you like, on your desk, the shelf, on the floor, without taking up too much space.

5. Go CADR, Go Ideal Coverage: The CADR measures the area an air purifier can cover. When you look through the product page, note the CARD. The product description will indicate the CADR as 200 ft2/m2. You can measure your bedroom's area to see if the CADR meets the area.

For example, if your bedroom is a 10X 10 ft2, 8 X 10 ft2, or 12 X 12 ft2 room, get at least an air purifier with a 100 ft2, 80 ft2 or 144 ft2 CADR respectively. If your bedroom is a larger one, like 20 X 20 ft2, go for an air cleaner with over 400 ft2 CADR for the best clean air conversion efficiency.

6. Go Stylish Design, Go Perfect Décor: Not just focus on the functions, but check the design. The air purifier should not just filter the air but also can blend into your bedroom perfectly.

For example, if your bedroom is high-tech geek bedroom, you can choose a black air puffier so that it can blend into your cool tech bedroom without ruining your room's atmosphere.

And, if your room is minimalistic style with pure white home interior, get a sleek white air purifier to decorate your home.

#3. Hottest Frequently Asked Questions to Bedroom Air Purifiers

You may have many questions when you are Googling the best air purifiers for your bedroom, for your family, newborn baby. We've got your back! You can get the answers to the hottest FAQs to solve your puzzles.

If you have any insights or any questions, do share them with us in the comment below, helping us continuing the FAQ part. Your insights will make a BIG difference to other friends!

1. What's the Best Place to Put Air Purifier in Apartment Bedroom

In terms of the air purifier bedroom placement, it is advised to place it near you, such as your bedside table, to ensure you can breathe in clean air.

The placement for air placement should be with high airflow, a closed/semi-closed space, preventing the device from reaching the other parts of the room. Don't place the air cleaner at the corner, under the table.

2. Can an Air Purifier Be Too Big for a Room

How do I know what size air purifier I need?
Can I use a large air purifier in a small room?
Does air purifier size matter?
What size air purifier for bedroom?
How to measure a room for an air purifier?

The answer is the air purifier size does matter for air cleaning efficiency. You can use a large air purifier in your small room, such as your bedroom. But it doesn't make sense that you use an air purifier that covers 3,000 ft2 in your 200 ft2 small room.

Hence, just choose the right air purifier size for your bedroom. The air cleaner size is measured by CADR. You can simply follow the 2/3 rule to choose the right air purifier with the right CADR.

For example, if your room is a 15 ft X 20 ft (300 ft2) room, the minimum air purifier CADR would be 300 ft2 X 2/3 = 200 ft2.

The easiest way to get the size of air purifiers is simply using your room area to multiply by 2/3.

3. What's the Quietest Air Purifier on the Market

Are all air purifiers all noisy? What air purifier is the quietest?

In the market, the quietest air purifier in lowest fan speed, such as 201B and 201B Pro, is 20 dB. 20 dB sounds like whispering from 5 ft away, which is extremely quiet.

Some of air purifiers would produce noise around 30 dB – 50 dB. 30 dB sounds like whispering nearby; 40 dB sounds like quite library sounds and 50 dB, the refrigerator.

If you want the quietest air purifier, go for one with 20 dB.

If you've got an air purifier with larger decibel than 20 dB, you can try the below solutions to make air purifier quieter.

Tip 1. Always adjust the air purifier fan to the lowest speed.
Tip 2. Change the replacement filter regularly since too many particles absorbed by the filter may lead to the unwanted noise.
Tip 3. Place the air purifier not too close to you. For example, you always put the air purifier on the bedside table. You can move it to the chair so it may not be too loud during your sleep.

4. Is It Good to Sleep with Air Purifier

Should I leave air purifier on overnight? Do air purifiers help you sleep better?

It is good sleep with air purifiers since clean air will help you sleep better. Air purifiers improves the air quality by filtering out dust, pollens, mites, and other particles that make it difficult for you to sleep.

Air purifiers will even make a big difference on helping asthma and allergy sufferers sleep better.

Air purifiers can be run overnight or 24/7, so that you can always enjoy fresh air when you are at home.

5. How Many Air Purifiers Do I Need in My House

Do I need an air purifier in every room?
How many air purifiers should you have in your house?
Do you need multiple air purifiers?
Can you use two air purifiers in the same room?

If you just want to get an air purifier for your small rooms, such as bedroom, kitchen, small living room, 1 air purifier is sufficient since you can move it around from room to room for clean air. If you don't want to move it around, you can place 1 air purifier for each room.

If you have a large room, like 500 ft2 or 1,000 ft2, only placing one air purifier would not be enough to filter the whole room's air. Under such a circumstance, you may need 2 or more air purifiers to cover your large room.

For the best air filtration efficiency and your convenience, you can place an air purifier for each room, including your bedroom, living room, nursery room, basement, workout room, kitchen, workshop, etc.

6. Is It Good to Have Air Purifiers for Home

Is a home air purifier worth it? does my house need an air purifier? Do air purifiers work in bedrooms?

A home air purifier is now more and more important, and even a MUST for our daily life.

According to World Health Organization, around 99% of the world's population live in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits. An estimated 4,200,000 deaths every year occur as a result of exposure to ambient (outdoor)air pollution, and around 3,800,000 million deaths every year occur as a result of household exposure to smoke from dirty cookstoves and fuels.

The shocking statistics are a warning signal, warning us of protecting the Earth and finding ways to breathe in clean air for personal health.

That’s why you need to get at least one air purifier for your house to help you breathe in clean air without being harmed by airborne pollutants.

You can check this post to get the air purifier benefits for more details.

7. How Long Does It Take an Air Purifier to Clean a Room

For a small room, such as your bedroom, kitchen or small workshop, it will take you 20-30 minutes to clean the air. For large rooms, it may take around 2 hours.

The air cleaning time is related to the area of your room, as well as the air quality. If your room is rather larger and is with a lot of pollutants, it would take a longer time to clean the air.

8. Do Air Purifiers Keep Room Cool

Do air purifiers cool down a room?

The answer is NO! Air purifiers are not air conditioners, they don't have the cooling component like air conditioners do. So, it won't cool down the room.

Even air purifiers have small built-in fans, the main purpose of them are using as air cleaning, and they should not be counted on cooling down your rooms.

9. Do Air Purifiers Dry out a Room

Can an air purifier remove the humidity?

Air purifiers do not dry out the moisture in the air. It only absorbs the dirty air inside and converts it into clean air without absorbing the water in the air.

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