Top 3 Air Purifiers Under $200 - Save Some Cash While Breathe Easier



Are you looking for a high-quality air purifier under $200?

You're in the right place!

In this post, you'll find the top 3 picks for the best air purifiers under $200 and useful buying guides.

Rapidly Get Into:

Part 1. Top 3 Picks Air Purifiers Under $200

Pick 1. Best Budget: 201B

Pick 2. Best Overall: AC400

Pick 3: Best Smart: V3

Part 2. Easiest 5-Step Buyers' Guide

Part 1. Top 3 Picks Air Purifiers Under $200 (with Comparison Table & Fabulous Videos)

There are plenty of air purifiers under $200 on the market. You have to do some research to find the best one. To save you time, I've compiled a list of the top 3 air purifiers under $200 that are well worth purchasing 😊.

An overview of the best air purifiers under $200

 Product Name

Purivortex 201B

Purivortex AC400

Purivortex V3


Product Images

Price ($)





H13 True HEPA Filter

H13 HEPA Filter

H13 True HEPA Filter




Green/Grey (Pre-Filter )

Filtration Levels




Noise Levels

20-40 dB

19.9-55 dB

23-55 dB

Sleep Mode





Fan Speed


3 Fan Speeds


3 Fan Speeds

3 Fan Speeds & Auto Mode


2 H, 4 H, 6 H, 8 H, 12 H

Timer Options

2 H, 4 H, 6 H, 8 H, 12 H Timer Options

1-12 H Timer Options

Air Quality Sensors







Area Coverage

215 ft²

880 ft²

1,076 ft²


1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

What Air Pollutants Can Be Removed



Dust/Pet Dander/Hair/Allergens/Odors/


Dust Mites


#1. 201B - Budget-Friendly Options for Small Rooms

201B is not just an air purifier under $200. It only labels even under $50.

What can you get for less than $50? Perhaps a fan, a light, or table decor?

Now, you can get this portable air purifier under $50.

201B can remove up to 99.99% of airborne pollutants, such as allergens, pet dander, smoke, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollen, hair, dust, smog, and dust mites. Moreover, not only can you use it as a fan, but a nightlight.

If you are allergic to pollen, dust, or pet dander, 201B is an excellent choice.

201B can cover up to 215 ft2, making it an excellent air purifier for bedroom. There is a handle on it that makes it easy to be moved from room to room.

#2. AC400 - Overall Choice for Mid-Sized Rooms 

I am sure you will be delighted if you find a perfect air purifier that is not only under $200 but even under $100 😊.

Here it is! You can filter up to 99.99% of particle pollutants with this air purifier under $100. In addition, its sleek design makes it an ideal table décor.

If you live close to the road and there is a lot of dust flying around, this air purifier is your best choice. 

This product has a coverage area of up to 880 ft2. It is designed for apartments, master bedrooms, and medium offices.

#3. V3 - Smart Air Purifier for Large Rooms

In most cases, the smart air purifier costs you more than $200, sometimes even $1,000.

Luckily, Purivortex launched a smart air purifier under $200. V3 has a 4-layer HEPA filtration that can remove up to 99.99% of particle and odor pollutants in the air.

If you are looking for an air purifier with sensors at an affordable price, V3 is the best option. You can monitor the real-time air quality in your room and open the auto mode to have the machine change the fan speeds based on the current air quality.

It can cover up to 1,076 ft2 rooms. If you are looking for an air filter under $200 for your living room, V3 is the best choice.

Part 2. How to Choose the Best Air Purifier Under $200: 5-Step Guide

Have a dead budget under $200? No problem! Take this 5-step buyers' guide to get the best one in minutes! 😉

Step 1. Measure Your Room Size

Every air purifier has a specific coverage area. You should measure your room size and make sure that it can effectively purify the entire space.

Normally, a small air purifier is sufficient to purify a bedroom, a small office, or a small apartment. If you are looking for an air purifier placed in your living room, a large air purifier with the coverage area of 1,000 ft2 is enough.

However, the size of every house varies. You can read this post to learn what size air purifier can purify your entire home effectively or if you need more than 1 unit.

Step 2. Check the Filter Type the Machine Use

Air purifier with HEPA filter is the most effective air filter on the market. It is environmental-friendly and eliminates 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns.

H13 and H14 are the highest-quality HEPA filters. H3 HEPA filter air purifiers can capture up to 99.99% of particle pollutants. The air cleaner with an H14 filter can remove up to 99.995% of particles.

Unfortunately, not all air purifiers under $200 use H13 or H14 filters on the market, especially some large machines. Therefore, you need to check if the air purifier uses an H13 or H14 filter before buying one.

Step 3. Confirm the Noise Level of the Machine

If the device makes loud noises, you will be bothered when it's operating.

The standard noise level of air purifiers should be in the range of 20-55 dB. 20 dB is like whispering from five feet away while 55 dB is like a quiet conversation. Noise levels of less than 55 dB are usually considered acceptable.

Therefore, if you are very sensitive to noise, you should get one that has noise levels below 55 dB. It will be your best option if the machine has sleep mode with the noise levels around 20 dB.

Step 4. Check the Replacement Filter Price

If you are concerned about long-term costs, you should consider the cost of replacement filters. A filter can even cost more than $50. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the cost of the replacement filter before making a purchase.

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