Best Air Purifiers for Allergy in 2022: Top Pick & In-Depth 101 Guide


As a content editor, one of my routines is wandering on the forums and communities, to see what you care about and how I can help.

So, on Reddit, I saw your questions – any recommendation on best air purifiers for allergy sufferers.

Now, that’s why this post exits – designed to help you ease your allergy or asthma.

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#1. Top 3 Picks on Air Purifier for Allergens
#2. What Are Your Hope to Filter
#3. How Air Purifiers Kill Allergens
#4. Truths on How Air Purifiers Reduce Allergy
#5. Handy Tips to Deal with Allergies

#1. Best True HEPA Air Purifiers for Allergy and Asthma

First thing comes first. So, I'll guide you to the best HEPA air purifier, helping you to reduce the dust, pollen, pet dander allergy, or allergic rhinitis.

Pick 1. Purivortex 201B Air Purifier

This small air purifier is extremely portable and lightweight so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

It adopts 3-stage filters, including prefilter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, to clean the dust or particles, odors, or VOCs in the air. Clean air is produced immediately.

Meanwhile, this compact home air purifier has intuitive operation, and you can schedule how long you would like this gadget turning on, and adjust the speed based on your preferences. The low-decibel design with white noise is also ideal to put in your bedroom without worrying about the noise.

The benefits of air purifiers are numerous and will truly benefit your health while relieving your allergy.

Pick 2. Purivortex 201B Pro HEPA Air Purifier for Allergy

201B Pro, a portable air purifier, filters all allergens via three advanced filtration system: pre-filter, true HEPA filter and activated-carbon filter.

Dust, mites, smoke, pollen and odors are all removed with this air cleaner. You may turn this air purifier on continuously for 24/7 fresh air.

Customers who have used this air purifier provide feedback that this air cleaner does help relieve from allergy and asthma.

Sandra, who purchased the 201B Pro, sent us a message:

201B Pro is a game changer! I have asthma and cat allergies, and now feel so good!

Check the video below for more information about 201B Pro.

Pick 3. Purivortex V1 Air Purifier for Asthma & Allergy

V1 is designed for both small rooms and medium rooms. It is able to filter all large and ultrafine dust, regardless of dust, pet dander, pollen with the true H13 filter.

It comes with the sleep mode, so you can place it in your bedroom without worrying about the noise.

Watch the video below for more features about V1.

#2. What You Hope to Filter at Your Home

There are tons of allergens in the air that trigger your allergic reaction. Many OPs share their allergens in Reddit or Quora, desperately wanting to ease the symptoms.

Here are some examples:

· Air purifier for dust and pollen allergies in my dorm room.
· Do air purifiers work for my severe seasonal indoor allergies?
· Allergic to dust mites and dust, anyone recommendation on air purifier?
· Best air puffier for allergies and odors?
· Air purifier for carpet, dog, cat and pet allegories?
· Air cleaner for allergies and mold, viruses and germs?
· Air purifier for eye and skin allergies?
· Best air purifiers for allergy in bedroom, living room or computer room?

The main allergens in the air that cause your eye, skin, respiratory allergies.


Dust Mite




Fabric Furniture

Cat & Dog Hair Dander




Formaldehyde and Other VOCs


Germs or Bacteria

Soft Furniture

Mattresses, Pillows & Bedding

Air purifiers can do you a favor in absorbing those particles and odors and help you reduce your allergy symptoms with clean air.

#3. How Air Purifiers Work to Help with Allergies

The most important components in an air purifier are the filters and motor.

Take Purivortex 201B as an example. After you plug the air cleaner into an outlet and switch it on, the brushless DC motor inside the device will start working to absorb the air outside into the device. The fan inside the purifier also functions to disturb pollution particulates and move them around to the point where they become trapped in the purifier.

The dirty air, dust, pollens, pet hair, or particles enter the air inlet and are filtered immediately by the 3-stage filters.

The first filter – pre-filter, absorbs and removes the larger dust, hair, PM10 and pollen particles from the air. The second filter – HEPA filter, swallows the finer particles that escape from the pre-filter. The third stage - activated carbon filter, eats up all the finest particles and odors, such as smoke, perfume, formaldehyde, VOCs (Volatile organic compounds). In the end, the fresh and clean air are generated from the air outlet.

#4. Do Air Purifiers Work Against Home Allergies

Are air purifiers worth your money? Do air purifiers actually work for dust or pollen allergies? Are air purifiers helpful allergies?

My answer is 100000000000 YES!

But, don't just take my words. See the research say.

A real-life study in 2016 reported that intervention with air purifiers reduced indoor PM2.5 levels with significant improvements in nasal symptoms in children with allergic rhinitis in Fresno.

A study in 2018 concluded that a HEPA air purifiers seemed to provide a favorable factor in reducing PM’s concentration and HDM in the bedrooms of our subjects. Air purifiers also may effectively improve allergic rhinitis patients’ quality of life.

A 2020's research also shared the same result that the use of air purifiers with HEPA filters significantly reduced medication requirements for patients and may help improve allergic airway disease.

Based on Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, better air quality in home, office, school and car can reduce allergy and asthma triggers. Air purifiers may help people with asthma or allergies.

#5. Top 6 Handy Tips to Deal with Allergies

Tip 1. Get an air purifier to clean the floating dust, hair, pollens, molds, pet hair or dander, particles and other allergens in the air.

Tip 2. Buy a vacuum clean to clean your carpets, sofa, curtains and other soft furniture to eliminate dust mites, since they are one of most common triggers of skin allergies.

Tip 3. Change and wash all mattresses, bed sheet, pillow, and other bedding frequently to grid of mites in your bed to prevent allergies. Use allergen-resistant bedcovers.

Tip 4. Avoid smoking at home.

Tip 5. Groom your cat or dog outside your home to reduce animal dander or hair and do wash the pet bedding regularly.

Tip 6. Clean your basement, storage sheds, bathrooms and other tiled areas to prevent mold.


Air purifiers are a game-changer and life-saver for allergy sufferers, since they are efficient in wiping out the allergens, like dust, pollens, odors in the air. Hence, the air you breathe is allergen-free, which helps to reduce your allergy symptoms.

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comment below!

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