Best Desktop Air Purifiers in 2022 for Your Home and Office Tables


Your desk, regardless at home or in the office, is the place where creativity or enjoyment happens.

It would be troublesome if your table is occupied by dust, hair, or pet dander.

Thus, desktop air purifiers are one of the best solutions to keep your desk dust-free.

In this article, you'll get top 2 air purifiers for your desk, as well as the beginner's guide to this type of air cleaners, helping you not just what to buy, but also why you should buy, and what benefits to enjoy.

Table of Contents:

#1. Top 2 Picks of Tabletop Air Purifiers

#2. Desk Air Purifier Beginners' Guide

#3. Why You Should Buy a Table Air Purifier

#4. How to Choose the Best Desktop Air Purifiers

#5. Desk Air Purifier Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Top 2 Best Desktop Air Purifiers

The below top-rated mini air purifiers are designed for your desk, both at home and in your office, so that you can breathe fresh air when you are working or playing computer games or watching movies.

1. Purivortex 201B – Best Budget Tabletop Air Purifier

This HEPA desktop air purifier is one of the most popular in the market.

It is suitable for putting on the table without taking too much space. With its compact size - 5.5 X 5.5 X 8.5 in – this air cleaner will be the best option for your desk.

The small room air purifier comes with 3 layers of filtration, including pre-filter, H13 true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, able to remove airborne dust, pollen, pet dander and hair.

So, you don't need to worry about your desk that is full of happiness and creativity is ruined by annoying dust.

With the pragmatic handle, you are able to move it easily, from room to room, or from home to the office desk. Besides, you can even lie it down to get 360° clean air.

This portable air purifier is also the quietest desk air purifier (20 dB only when set to the minimum fan speed) without annoying noise.


Why We Love It:

  • Small & compact size
  • H13 HEPA filter
  • Easy to move
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple to maintain
  • Lie down or stand down on the table

    2. Purivortex V1 – Best Desktop Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

    This personal desk air purifier adopts H13 true HEPA filter to remove every airborne particle.

    It is helpful to ease allergies or asthma by keep the air allergens-free. When you put the desktop air cleaner on your table, such as near your PC, computer, you will be immersed in the fresh air, and never be bothered by uncomfortable indoor air.

    If you want a desktop air purifier for cigarette smoke, ashtray, dust or allergies, V1 is a good investment.

    Why We Love It:

    • An air purifier with desk size
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • Ultra-quiet sleep mode (24 dB)
    • H13 true HEPA filter

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    #2. Desk Air Purifier Beginners' Guide

    What is a good small desk true HEPA air filter?

    A good desk air cleaner should be small in size, but big on clean air conversion.

    What Is the Best Tabletop Air Purifier

    A tabletop air cleaner is a kind of air purifying device, which is customized for cleaning the air near you.

    It is typically compact and small, and ideal for placing on the table without occupying too many spaces of your desk.

    A good personal tabletop air purifier should be a HEPA-type for tackle airborne particles, as well as an activated carbon type for taking odors and smells down.

    Desktop air purifiers with UV light are another popular type in the market, and often used to kill viruses or germs. in However, it is not advised to use it as a side-table air purifier.

    Just like UV rays from the sun can damage your skin cells, UV light may burn your skin and damage your eyes. Meanwhile, this type of air cleaners cannot remove particles or dust.

    Air purifiers are engineered for 24/7 running. Those battery-operated desktop air purifiers are suitable for emergency or temporary use. They are unable to operate 24/7 since the battery power cannot support long-term air conversion, which is not suitable for using as a desktop air purifier.

    For the best air refreshing efficiency and dust cleaning performance, go for a plug-in small HEPA tabletop air purifier next to your computer or on your desk.

    How an Office & Home Tabletop Air Purifier Works

    Do desktop air purifiers work?

    How do tabletop air purifiers work?

    Tabletop room air purifiers DO work in removing airborne particles, allergens, viruses (to some extent), odors, smoke and smog. So, if you want clean air when you are working, put a table-size air purifier near you.

    A tabletop HEPA air purifier absorbs the outside dirty or polluted air and airborne particles to the device inside, with the motor.

    The airborne particles, both large and ultrafine ones, are filtered by the pre-filter and HEPA filter. Odors, smells and VOCs are sucked up by the activated carbon filter. In the end, the filtered, clean, fresh air are produced after the filtration completed.

    #3. Why You Should Buy a Table Air Purifier

    Air purifiers are worth it when it comes to converting dirty air into fresh air, and easing the allergic or asthma symptoms.

    You should buy a tabletop air purifier if you need to:

    Remove Table Dust

    If your desk is invaded by dust, air purifiers are really helpful to remove the dust or dust mites, making your table clean.

    You don't need to clean your desk frequently since the dust doesn't have the opportunity to land.

    Dust, a kind of particles that is larger than 0.3 micrometer, can be filtered by H13 HEPA filter, since H13 true HEPA filter can remove any particles that are larger than 0.3 micrometer.

    When you turn the tabletop room air cleaner on 24/7, dust will be absorbed continuously. Hence, you are able to get rid of PC or computer dust on your desk.

    Deodorize Smells or Cigarette Smoke

    Odors or smells from cooking, cigarette smoke, VOCs are extremely annoying.

    A desktop air purifier with activated carbon filter is really efficient to suck up the smells or odors, so that you won't be impacted by secondhand smoke.

    If you live in a place where wildfire happens from time to time, get an air purifier for your table to keep your indoor air clean and fresh.

    Though the outside is polluted, the inside doesn't have to be the same. A table air purifier with HEPA and activated carbon filter is all you need to fulfill your indoor environment with clean air.

    Ease Allergy and Asthma

    If you are allergic to dust, pollen, pet dander, or smells, or if you are suffering from asthma, air purifiers will ease allergy and asthma by removing all particles, and providing clean air.

    Fresh air will mitigate your allergy or asthma greatly while alleviating respiratory conditions. Placing an air cleaner on your table when you are working or relaxing will free you from allergy or asthma reaction.

    Improve Your Sleep

    If you have insomnia or cannot sleep well at night, a bedside air purifier is really helpful to improve your sleep.

    Clean air is helpful to benefit your breath and put you to sleep easily. The white noise from the air filtration system provides a soothing sound to you for better sleep.

    Some air purifiers also come with night light. The night light produces the specific wave length (550 nm– 750 nm), which helps to stimulate the secretion of melatonin (a hormone associated with control of the sleep).

    By turning on the air purifier during your sleep, you will get a better sleep.

    #4. How to Choose the Best Desktop Air Purifiers

    Tabletop air purifiers are normally placed near you, so you don't need to get a big tank. Just a small one to cover your working space.

    CADR (clean air delivery rate): It measures how much airflow an air purifier can filter. Take Purivortex 201B Pro as an example, it is able to refresh air 6 times in a 107 ft2 area, which is sufficient to over your desk.

    For a tabletop air purifier, get a suitable one covering around 100 ft2 – 200 ft2.

    Compact size: Your desk may include your computer or PC, keyboard, notebooks, etc. it is not suitable to get large air purifier for your desk.

    A small and portable desk-size air purifier is the one you should go. A small air cleaner, though mini in size, is still quite functional when cleaning the air near you.

    Noise level: A quiet tabletop air purifier is ideal for your working space or bedside. You don't want the noise to ruin your creativity during your work.

    Thus, a desktop air cleaner with low noise level is the best option. Generally speaking, go get an air purifier with 20 dB to 24 dB when set in the minimum fan speed.

    The noise level (20 dB to 24 dB) is just like whisper. You can't even hear it running.

    Pollutant types: If you simply want to remove dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke or smog and other airborne particles, a tabletop air purifier with H13 true HEPA filter is sufficient.

    If you want to remove airborne particles, smells, odors, VOCs (like formaldehyde), cigarette smells, you will need a desktop air purifier with both HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.

    #5. Desk Air Purifier Frequently Asked Questions

    If you still doubt the efficiency of tabletop air purifiers, or if you still have other questions, please check the below FAQ list for quick answers.

    If we miss your questions, please leave your own questions or insights in the comment below. We will answer your questions ASAP!

    1. Do desktop air purifiers work?

    Are desktop air purifiers worth it? Are tabletop air purifiers effective?

    A: The short answer is YES. Desk air purifiers can filter airborne particles near you with the pre-filter and HEPA filter, and then absorb the bad smells or odors with the activated carbon filter.

    2. Can I put my air purifier on a table?

    A: Yes, definitely! Floor is not the only position to place the air purifier. You may put it on your table, shelf, desk, bench, board, work surface, counter, stand, workbench, worktop, etc. for clean air.

    3. How can I make my tabletop air purifier work more efficiently?

    A: Don't block the inlets of your table air purifier. The air purifier sucks up the outdoor dirty air though those outlets, and then produce fresh air from the outlet.

    Also, put the desk air cleaner near you so your every breath is fresh and clean.

    For the best air filtration efficiency, change the filter every 3-6 months.

    4. Is it safe to place an air purifier near desktop computer or PC?

    A: Don't worry! It is safe to put an air cleaner near your desktop computer. Air purifiers don't generate heat even operating continuously.

    It has a built-in fan. The fan not only provides clean and fresh breeze to you directly, but also enhances the heat dissipation without overheat issue.

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