Should You Buy Necklace Air Purifiers? Read This Can-Not-Miss Blog First


Necklace air purifiers are becoming more and more popular upon the outbreak of COVID-19 – even the President Duterte in the Philippines has been seeing wearing one during meetings.

But the big questions are: Does air purifier necklace actually work? Are necklace air purifiers a real deal or just a gimmick?

To fully answer the questions, let's take a deep dive into what a wearable necklace air purifier is, how it works, its benefits and side effects, as well as the final purchase decision.

Explore the Chapters:
Chapter 1. What Are Personal Necklace Air Purifiers
Chapter 2. Necklace Air Purifiers: Benefits vs Side Effects
Chapter 3. Do Necklace Air Cleaners Work Against COVID-19
Chapter 4. Final Words: Should You Buy Necklace Air Purifiers
Chapter 5. Bonus Tip: Alternatives to Necklace Air Purifiers

Chapter 1. What Are Wearable Necklace Air Purifiers & How They Work

Necklace air cleaners are different from home air purifiers. They typically use ionizers or ionization technology to filter pollutants from the air.

Those non-wearable home air purifiers will use HEPA filters to remove airborne pollutants and particles.

Mini necklace air purifiers work by emitting a great number of ions into the air. These emitted ions attach to the airborne pollutants, giving them a static charge. Those charged particles are then stick to other objects near them.

In other words, negative ion necklace air purifiers work by giving charge to the pollutants and then charged pollutants are attached to other nearby objects.

Those pollutants still exit in other forms, instead of being removed. Air purifiers with HEPA filter do remove particles and pollutants by trapping them with the inside filter, providing truly clean and fresh air.

When it comes to air cleaning efficiency, wearable air purifiers are not as effective as apartment air filters.

Chapter 2. Necklace Air Purifiers: Benefits vs Side Effects

Do portable necklace air purifiers work?
Are necklace air purifiers effective?
Are air purifier necklaces safe for pregnant?
Does the air purifier necklace really work?

You might be bombarded by those questions when you come across a personal necklace air purifier.

The quick answer is that portable mini necklace air purifiers do help to some extent but also come with side effects.

Necklace Air Purifier Benefits

The advantages of personal air purifier necklaces include:

#1. They are able to remove airborne particles and viruses temporarily. Yes, temporarily. So, if you want to reduce the airborne pollutants for a while, wearable necklace air purifiers at least can do you a favor.

#2. They are wearable so they are extremely portable & compact for travel. If you are looking for the best air purifiers for travel, necklace air cleaners would be currently the best on-the-go option.

#3. They are rechargeable so you don't need to keep plugging them into an outlet. Rechargeable means 100% wire free, which ensures necklace air purifiers are 100% go-anywhere.

So what do necklace air purifiers do?

They do remove airborne particles temporarily but cannot swallow them completely and thoroughly.

Wearable Air Purifier Side Effects

All necklace air purifiers, regardless expensive or cheap ones, possess the below disadvantages:

#1. They cannot completely remove airborne particles and pollutants. Those charged particles only land on nearby surfaces, so they are still in the room. If these particles are brushed or kicked, they could be brought back to the air.

#2. They produce by-products – ozone, which is a respiratory hazard. It is not advised to wear an ionizer air purifier around your neck due to potential for ozone exposures.

Besides, inhaling ozone can also cause secondary reactions that create other harmful substances, like formaldehyde.

So, are air purifiers safe?

They are not safe as the emitted ozone would impact your personal health. In summary, this type of air purifier is not safe, especially for newborn, pregnant or people suffering from allergy.

Chapter 3. Do Necklace Air Cleaners Work Against COVID-19

Does air purifier necklace help with COVID?
Are necklace air purifiers effective against COVID?

The short answer is YES and NO!

Yes, ionic necklace air purifiers can be effective at removing airborne pollutants including the viruses like COVID-19.

Viruses cannot live by themselves. They need to attach to other objects or particles – like parasites, relying on others to live.

Necklace air purifiers emit ions to charge airborne particles and then charged particles fall on surfaces. So, viruses have no particles to parasitize and they will fade away soon without objects to attach.

From this perspective, necklace air cleaners are effective against COVID-19. But actually, air purifiers cannot remove viruses.

They just remove airborne particles temporarily, decreasing the chances of viruses parasitizing to other objects, instead of removing viruses.

According to a study, these wearable air purifiers would perform even worse when worn around the neck in reality. The research also indicates that these personal wearable air purifiers are likely ineffective for reducing COVID-19 risk.

Chapter 4. Final Words: Should You Buy Wearable Necklace Air Purifiers

For your personal health and eco-friendly consideration, it is not advised to purchase necklace air purifiers even though they are ultra small, compact and portable.

Wearable air purifiers produce ozone due to the use of ionizer instead of HEPA filter. Ozone is harmful to you and can damage the lungs.

What's more, ozone – the by-products produced by air purifier necklaces may even have other serious health risks. Ozone can react with terpenes in personal care products, such as lotions, perfumes, makeup, etc. The ozone reactions can result in the formation of dangerous VOCs, such as formaldehyde, PM2.5 particular matter.

As mentioned above, necklaces air cleaners cannot remove particles completely. Those charged particles would land on surfaces or attach to other objects. If the surfaces are your face or clothes, there is a problem.

When you wear a personal necklace air purifier, your face, clothes, skins act as the magnet for the charged particles to stick to. This may result in dirty skins & clothes, or breathing more pollutants.

Necklace air purifiers, good or bad? Should you purchase this type of air cleaners?

For your personal health, DO NOT purchase wearable necklace air purifiers. They are not effective in combating viruses or particles, and are even harmful to your health.

It is necessary to find alternatives if you want to remove airborne particles for true clean air.

Chapter 5. Bonus Tip: Alternatives to Necklace Air Purifiers

The best alternatives for necklace air cleaners are plug-in HEPA air purifiers for your home and business.

Those HEPA air purifiers, such as Purivortex, use true HEPA filters to attach airborne particles and also use activated carbon filter to adsorb smells & odors.

Unlike necklace air purifiers emit ions to charge particles and then attach to surfaces, HEAP air filters swallow all airborne particles without leaking into the air. You'll never worry about that those particles will "revenge".

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