Absolutely Quietest Air Purifiers in 2022 & 2023 (Only 19.9 dB)


Yeah, you want clean air, fresh air, and want to get rid of air pollution.

But, you don't want noise pollution from the air purifier, especially when you are sleeping or working.

That's why you want air purifiers that are actually and absolutely quiet.

We've got your back! Check the below quietest air purifiers ever for soothing sleep and undisturbed working environment.

Your Shopping Guide:
#1. First Target Point: How Quiet Is Quiet
#2. Deep Insights on Air Purifier Noise
#3. Key Points on Silent Air Purifiers
#4. Best Quiet Air Purifiers (Table & Reviews)
Best for Small Room: Purivortex 201B (20 dB)
Best for Allergy: Purivortex AC400 (19.9 dB)
Best for Large Room: Purivortex V3 (23 dB)

#1. First Target Point: How Quiet Is Quiet

How quiet is quiet?

How loud is loud?

You may feel very annoyed if the noise is over 80-85 dB and your hearing might be damaged if exposed to 80-85 dB noise for two hours.

You may not feel annoyed or noisy and hearing won't be damaged when staying in an environment with under 60 dB.

So, from the perspective of hearing, quiet is quieter than 60 dB (normal conversation or air conditioner) and loud is louder than 80 dB.

But is it the same with air purifier?

Not really! 😊

A quiet air purifier should be quieter than whisper when in the minimum fan speed or quieter than 60 dB when set in the maximum fan speed.

To help you understand the noise level, here is a table shows dB levels and the noise from everyday sources.

Everyday Noise Sources

Sound Level (dB)

Typical Response to the Noise

Almost silent


Your hearing won't be damaged with sounds at these dB levels.

Normal breathing


Ticking watch


Soft whisper


Refrigerator hum


Quiet conversation


Normal conversation


Washing machine/dishwasher


You may feel annoyed.

City traffic (inside the car)


You may feel very annoyed.

Gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers


Damage your hearing when exposed for 2 hours.

#2. Deep Insights on Air Purifier Noise

The noise of air cleaners comes from two parts: the fan noise and the airflow through the HEPA filters.

The fan motor noise: There is a fan built in the air purifier. When you turn the air purifier on, the fan will start rotating, bring the breeze to you.

Brushed air purifier fan motors generally would produce quite a lot of noise. Hence, do get an air purifier using brushless fan motors.

Take Purivortex AC400 as an example. The built-in brushless fan motor increases the clean air conversation rate while producing less noise and saving more power energy.

The airflow passing through the HEPA filter: To clean the outside dirty air, the airflow must pass through the HEPA filters, which produces a pressure drop. The pressure drop will increase the noise output undoubtedly.

Those super quiet or silent air purifiers reduce the fan motor noise or use special noise-reducing HEPA filters, aiming to minimize the noise level. You can skip to Part 4 directly for the detailed reviews of quietest air purifiers on the market.

#3. Key Points on How to Choose Best Silent Air Purifiers

To choose an ultra quiet air purifier for bedroom to relieve allergies, do bear the below top key factors.

1. The Noise Level

To choose a quiet room air purifier, the noise level should top the list especially when you need to find an air cleaner for baby or for bedroom.

It is advised to choose an air purifier with 25 dB when operating at the smallest fan speed and one with less than 60 dB when running at the highest fan speed.

It would be better if the air filter operates at less than 20 dB so you can barely hear it run.

2. The CADR Value
Air purifier CADR is one of the most important factors when measuring the efficiency of an air cleaner.

Generally speaking, the larger the number is, the more areas the air puffier can cover.

However, you don't need a giant air cleaner with a huge CADR number if you just put it on your bedroom or home office.

Just get a compact air purifier for your small room and a large room air purifier for living room, master bedroom and other large areas.

3. The Energy Efficiency

If you run a small room air purifier that operates at around 6 W power, the electricity bill would be around $0.03 per day, which is ultra power-saving.

So, you won't pay too much on electricity bill when you use a quiet home air purifier.

Read this post for the detailed calculation on how much it costs to run an air purifier.

#4. Best Quiet HEPA Air Purifiers (Comparison Table & Reviews)

Get the overview on best and quietest air purifiers for allergies, pet hair/dander, smoke, dust removal and other particles in the below chart.

If you are interested in reading more details about these top-rated low-noise HEPA air purifiers, keep scrolling down under the table.

Quietest Air Purifier

Purivortex 201B

Purivortex AC400

Purivortex V3

Product Image

Lowest Noise Level

20 dB

19.9 dB

23 dB

Maximum Noise Level

40 dB

48 dB

55 dB

CADR Rating

40 m3/h

100 m3/h

300 m3/h


Up to 215 ft2

Up to 880 ft2

Up to 1,076 ft2

Power Consumption

6 W

12 W

45 W


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1. Best Small Whisper Quiet Air Purifier: Purivortex 201B

This quiet desktop air purifier is designed for small rooms, like your bedroom, nursery, kitchen, et.

It has 3 fan speed options which enable you to adjust the ideal fan based on your needs. Higher fan speed means higher fan noise.

This portable air purifier runs at only 20 dB (you can barely hear it) in the smallest fan speed and 40 dB when you set it into the largest fan speed.

201B is a compact but powerful HEPA air purifier. It adopts 3-layer HEPA filtration to remove wildfire smoke, smog, dust mites, pet fur & dander, pollen, and other allergens. You may place it in your bedroom or home office without worrying about that it will cause every room to vibrate.

Get 201B if you want a quiet air purifier under $50.

2. Best Quietest Air Purifier for Allergies: Purivortex AC400

What's the best quietest air purifier on the market?

So far, this AC400 is the quietest and most silent HEPA air purifier that I have ever seen. When set in the minimum fan speed, it operates at only 19.9 dB, quieter than whisper.

When you put this low-noise air purifier in your bedroom, you won't be disturbed since it is barely audible when it runs during the day or night.

The colorful night light also makes this noiseless air purifier energetic and lovely. It will change the color in 7 colors circularly if you prefer the rainbow color. You can also choose one single color among blue, green or purple.

Just go for AC400 if you want the very quiet air purifier under $100.

3. Quiet Air Purifier with Washable Permanent Filter for Large Room: Purivortex V3

V3 is one of the best air purifiers for large room, which is able to cover up to 1,076 ft2 area efficiently.

It includes two washable fabric pre-filters (the green and grey colors) so that you can customize the color of V3 air cleaner based on your home décor. Don't miss V3 if you want an air purifier with washable filter.

This smart air purifier has a built-in dust sensor that is used to detect the amount of the dust in the air and then reports the real-time air quality with different light colors and different numbers. The smaller the number, the better the air quality.

It comes with 4-layer filtration system, the washable fabric pre-filter, the H13 HEPA filter, the activated carbon filter and the cold catalyst filter to remove pet dander/hair, dust, pollen, smoke and adsorb odors, smells and VOCs.

When you turn on the sleep mode, Purivortex V3 only produces 23 dB noise, so you won't be disturbed by the running noise when you put it in your bedroom, living room or office.

If you want a quiet performance air cleaner under $200 to relieve tinnitus and hyperacusis and other allergic symptoms, take Purivortex V3 home.

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