Used Air Purifiers: The Bright & Dark Side Plus Best Tips


If you have a super tight budget, you may go for a used air purifier, especially when a brand-new air cleaner is extremely expensive.

Yes, you may get a second-hand air purifier with less than $10, but there are costs. You may risk of getting an old unit with disgusting smell.

If you have no experience in buying used air purifiers, it is really a MUST to read this post first.

Uncover Secrets with Me Now:
#1. Used Air Purifiers: The Bright & Dark Side
#2. New Air Cleaners: Reasons to Choose or Not
#3. Pro Tips If Used Air Cleaners Are the Only Choice
#4. Final Verdict – Don't Miss This Curtain Call

#1. Used Air Purifiers: The Bright & Dark Side

Used air purifiers for sale are everywhere. You may see those rehabilitated or refurbished air cleaners on Craigslist and other secondhand online websites.

But before your purchase, stop for only 3 minutes and read the below pros and cons of a renewed air purifier.

1. The Only Bright Side of Used Air Purifier: It's All About Cheap Cheap Cheap

Someone sells a renovated air purifier at only $1 or $2, which is so so so attractive simply judging from the price tab.

That's the only pros or advantage of a reconditioned air purifier – being super cheap. No more dozens or hundreds of dollars, instead, you can spend only several bucks to take a secondhand air cleaner home.

2. The Dirty Side of a Used Air Purifier: Top 3 Cons You Need to Know

The tempting price labels of old used HEPA air purifiers cannot cover the dark side.

There are costs, perhaps huge costs, if you want to buy a used air purifier for your home.

Cons 1. The Old Air Purifier Would Be Inferior

You cannot see and touch the air purifier until you get it. In some cases, you may get a secondhand air cleaner with disgusting smell, or even with dust and mold spores.

*The image is from a Reddit OP's post.

The refurbished air purifier would look so old. You would never know what tear and wear it had gone through before you have it.

You don't wanna get a used air purifier with inferior quality though it only costs 3 or 5 bucks.

So, if you buy a used air purifier, you are at a risk of getting an inferior one.

Cons 2. You Would Get a Used Air Cleaner That Works for Only Days

When you receive the renovated air purifier after you have ordered on the secondhand product website, you turn it on. Now everything seems fine.

But after 3 days, this used air filter starts beeping and smells terrible. Even worse, it stops working – now you get nothing.

When you purchase a refurbished air purifier, especially from non-authorized platforms and channels, you may get an air filter that works smoothly for several days and then just died.

Cons 3. There Would be No Warranty for Used Air Purifiers

Unlike brand-new air purifiers that offer assured and authorized warranty, the warranty of used air cleaners would have been void.

There is a chance that you buy the renovated air filter that had been used for over 5 years or even 10 years. The warranty, obviously, is void.

If there is any issue with the product, you won't be able to get a replacement or repair as there is no guaranteed warranty for this secondhand or even three-hand air purifier.

#2. New Air Cleaners: Reasons to Choose or Not

Brand-new air purifiers for home overshadow used ones in many ways. You'll know why a lot of people opt to new ones by reading the below pros.

Pros 1. High Quality

A brand-new air purifier means NEW, completely new from the top to bottom, from the inside to outside.

There is no scratch or tear and wear on the device. The parts and components are all new. A new product means high quality and better experience.

The clean air conversion efficiency would be better if you have a new air cleaner. There is no odor & smell, no dust and mold on the brand-new air filter.

Just like our new iPhone, the performance is superior compared with your refurbished iPhone.

Pros 2. Worry-Free Warranty

New air purifiers come with authorized warranty. If there is any issue with the product, you can contact the manufacturer for free replacement or repair.

Take Purivortex, a reputable air purifier brand, as an example. Purivortex provides 12-month assured warranty. If the product fails to work within 12 months, you will get new replacement for free!

Hence, that's really important to buy a new air purifier for future warranty.

Pros 3. Free Lifetime Customer Support

When you purchase new air purifiers from the brand, you now have access to the brand's technical or after-sales support.

If you have any product question, you may reach the brand's support team anytime.

However, if you buy a used air purifier, there is no support for you. The original manufacturer of the air purifier only provides tech support to the original buyer.

The Only Cons of Brand-New Air Purifier: The Price

Compared with used air purifies, the new ones are more expensive.

The new air purifier prices are different based on different brands and various models. Generally speaking, you may spend around $50 to $300 for one new air cleaner based on the coverage area of the product.

Indeed, you will spend more on a new air cleaner, but you will get better quality and trusted warranty.

#3. Pro Tips If Used Air Cleaners Are the Only Choice

If you still wanna buy a secondhand air purifier before you opt to a new one, do keep the below purchase tips in mind.

Tip 1. Do purchase refurbished air purifier from trusted brands and manufacturers. Instead of purchasing a used air filter from those secondhand product websites, you can get a secondhand air cleaner from a brand who sells air purifiers directly.

Those brands not only sell brand-new air purifiers but also selling refurbished items. "refurbished" doesn't necessarily mean low quality. The air purifier brands may provide an almost-new refurbished air purifier for you.

Tip 2. Check the 2nd air purifier's quality visually. It's hard to tell the quality from images apparently. Still, you can at least make an initial judgement.

Check if the color of the air purifier has faded. Confirm that the filter of the air cleaner looks clean without mold spores or tons of dust.

Tip 3. Check the original production time of the used air purifier. You buy a secondhand air purifier not an antique. So check the original production time of the device you are going to buy.

Normally, the original production time within 1 year is recommended as the air cleaner still works fine after being used for 1 year.

Tip 4. Ask for the original document. If you have determined to buy this old air purifier, ask for the invoice, the original order document and other document from the seller. This prevents future conflict.

#4. Final Verdict – Don't Miss This Curtain Call

So, is it OK to purchase a used or a secondhand air purifier?

Well, simply from the price tag, it is worthwhile to buy a used air cleaner as it only costs several bucks.

From the perspectives of quality and future warranty, it is not a good investment for purchasing an old air purifier.

In a long run, a brand-new air purifier is the best way to go. You will get high quality and assured warranty – a worry-free deal.

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