Purivortex Unveils Unprecedented Prime Day Sales 2022 – Up to 50% Off on Ultimate HEPA Air Purifiers


MESA, ARIZON, July 12, 2022 – Purivortex, driving sustainable innovation in air purification, today kicks of ultimate Prime Day Deals 2022 – up to 50% off on stylish, sleek and superlative HEPA air purifiers.

Customers are able to shop all Purivortex air filters during July 11-17 at the best prices here:


Shop Early, Save Huge

Customers don’t have to wait to save this Prime Day. Purivortex has launched the special offers on full-range air cleaners before Prime Day, so that customers are able to save early and get the best deals before they are sold out.

#1. Score Big on Purivortex V3: 50% Off on Smart Air Purifier for Large Room

Purivortex V3, the best and smartest air filter in Purivortex Family, changes the way people think in air purification. The unrivalled and incomparable 4-layer filtration traps 99.99% of dust, pollen, debris & other particles, and adsorbs smells & odors.

This smart air cleaner tells customers real-time air quality with LED color, so consumers can always monitor the air quality of their homes & offices anytime. The uniqueness of V3 doesn’t end up here. Customers can customize the color of V3 with two washable fabric pre-filters based on their home interior styles.

V3, the alchemy of design, craft and quality, challenges traditional air purifiers and brings a new storm in air purification.

Customers now can bring this splendid air purifier home with 50% off. Save now and score big.

#2. Save Huge on Purivortex V1: 45% Off on Artistically Designed Air Purifier for Small & Medium Room

Purivortex V1, as cute as Bing Dwen Dwen or a penguin, is more than just an air purifier, but a sculpted artwork.

V1 is an air filter that excites customers’ eyes from every angle. Customers come home to a completely fresh air sensation with V1. Detail and depth, subtlety and scale, this marvelous air cleaner offers an unmatched visual sensation and 360° true pure air.

The engineered H13 true HEPA filter is built to swallow all particles, creating a 100% dust-free home and filling customers’ homes with fresh, clean air. Pursing the perfection in quality, Purivortex only delivers the best-of-the-best air purifiers to customers. V1, inheriting the spirit of Purivortex – Quality Comes First, changes the game in air purifiers, providing customers with cleaners, purest and freshest air.

Customers can purchase this air purifier craftsmanship at 45% off. Buy now and save early.

#3. Win Mega on Purivortex 201B: 30% Off on Portable Air Purifier for Small Room

Purivortex 201B, with size-defying performance and performance-defying elegance, offers go-anywhere fresh air from room to room, floor to table, home to office, office to hotel room.

Standing up or laying down, 201B ensures customers are immersed in a bubble of fresh air. Portable, flexible and exceptional, 201B adapts to anywhere - home tables, work desks, bookshelves,it settles right in.

Small in a big way, this mini air filter traps up to 99.99% of airborne particles with the advanced and powerful 3-layer HEPA filtration system, bringing completely air purification experience to customers.

During Prime Day Sales 2022, consumers can get this ultra-portable air purifier at 30% off. Shop full-range Get mega sales on Purivortex Official Online Store now.

About Purivortex

After dozens of years of pushing boundaries, Purivortex’s spirit of innovation lives on. Purivortex designs and creates the future of air purifiers, leveling up customers’ comfortable living. Quality Comes First – The DNA of Purivortex, encourages Purivortex Team to strive for perfection and innovation, providing world’s best and most premium air purifiers to customers globally.

For more details about Purivortex, please visit: https://purivortex.com/


For press inquires, please reach pr@purivortex.com.

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