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Is your air purifier not working? How can you fix it?¬†Check the problem your machine has and find a perfect solution there ūüėä.

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Most Common Problems

Top 11 Fix Methods

Part 1. Common Problems When Your Air Purifier Not Working

Here are the most common issues that occur with air purifiers. Please leave a comment if you have any other problems, and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • The air purifier not turning on
  • The air purifier display not working
  • The air quality indicator light keeps in red
  • There are¬†burning smells in the air purifier
  • There are stinking smells in the air filter
  • The device makes strange noises when it's turned on
  • The air filter can not purify the air efficiently
  • The filter replacement indicator remains on
  • The fan is not working when the machine is turned on
  • The smart air purifier can not connect to Wi-Fi
  • Dyson, Levoit, MediyAir, Blue Air air purifiers not working

Part 2. Top 11 Fix Methods - Troubleshooting for Air Purifier Issues

Trying the solutions below can help you quickly solve the same or similar air purifier issues listed above. 

#1. Check the Air Purifier Connection and Outlet

When you press the button, the air purifier doesn't react or function, please confirm if the power cord is connected properly.

Connect your air purifier to another outlet to see if it's working or use another appliance such as your phone to plug into that outlet to confirm if the outlet is broken.

#2. Make Sure the Cabling Is Okay

Cable cords can be useless when they are older, shorted, or damaged by animals or even humans. The Multimeter is a useful tool to test if the cable cord is broken.

Set your multimeter to ohms on the lowest setting before you test it. If the wire is not broken, the multimeter displays a number less than 1 such as 0.02 or 0.05.

If the wire is broken, your multimeter shows ‚ÄúI‚ÄĚ. In this case, you'll need to purchase a new power adapter.

#3. See If the Filter Needs to Be Replaced

HEPA filters have a lifespan of 3 to 6 months. If you notice stinking smells from the filter, please replace your filter because it has been overused or there is a visible build-up on the filter.

#4. Confirm If There Is a Plastic Bag on the Filter

Before you install the filter, please check if the plastic package bag has been removed. If the package bag hasn't been removed and you powered up the air purifier, the machine will have bizarre sounds.

Note: If the filter is fine but the air cleaner still makes strange noises when you turn it on, something could be stuck inside. Please take your filter out and see if you have left anything inside.

#5. Verify If You Have Installed the Filter Correctly

One of the most common causes of noise is an incorrectly installed air filter. Check if the filter is properly installed.

#6. See If the Purification Range of the Air Purifier Can Cover Your Entire Home

Every air purifier has a defined coverage range. Please check if your machine can completely cover your home. Check this post to know how many air purifiers you will need to clean your entire home effectively.

#7. Check If the Air Cleaner Is Placed in the Wrong Area

In general, placing the air purifier correctly can improve its efficiency. If you place it in a corner, the poor airflow around the air purifier will reduce its efficiency. If you place it with high airflow such as near the window or door, the air purifier can suck in more air and improve its efficiency.

Note: Ensure that no objects are too close to the air purifier, such as tables. Obstructions will prevent it from sucking in the air effectively.

#8. Ensure the Air Purifier Sensors Are Working

If the sensors in the air purifier are insensitive or broken, your air quality indicator light will keep in red or green with no change even if the air quality in your room varies. There are 2 ways to check whether sensors are useful.

Way 1. First, place the air purifier in your living room for 30 minutes, and check if the air quality LED indicator changes. After that, move the air filter to the basement and turn it on. Monitor the LED indicator.

Way 2. Put the air purifier close to the cooling fan. Place the sensor towards the fan. Now check if the status LED changes.

If the indicator light remains the same during the period, the sensors may be insensitive or broken.

#9. Restart the Machine

If your air purifier fan not working, maybe the motor hasn't been powered up. Please restart the machine to see if the fan is working.

The solution differs as air purifiers have different settings. For 201B, press the power button for a least 5 seconds after replacing the filter and powering up the unit.

#10. Check the Router Settings and the Distance Between Your Air Filter and Router

If you can't control your smart purifier via the app, you should move it closer to the Wi-Fi router and make sure there's no interference from other smart devices.

Smart home appliances normally support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Therefore, you should set the router to 2.4 GHz WiFi band.

#11. Connect the Customer Service for Help

If the above solutions can not solve your machine's problem, please contact customer service for help.

Provide the support team with the air purifier model, a video indicating the air purifier is not working, contact way (email/phone number), etc.

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