Where Should I Place My Air Purifier? Guide from a Senior Product Engineer


How to place air purifiers?

Where should an air purifier be placed?

These are common questions you have after owning an air purifier.

The location of an air purifier can greatly affect its performance. Generally, air purifiers can be up to 20% more efficient if they are placed in the ideal place. Conversely, if you put it in a corner or a damp place, its efficiency will be reduced by more than 50%.

In this article, we will guide you on how to place air purifiers in your home for the best result.

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Tips on Air Purifier Placement in Your Home

Does air purifier placement matter? Of course! Air purifiers are widely used in homes, classrooms, dental operatory, offices and shops.

In order to achieve the greatest value of air purifiers, there are 6 helpful tips to help you decide the optimal position of air purifier.

Tip 1: Place It Next to the Source of Air Pollutants

Air pollutants can be filtered out before they enter the room if you arrange the air purifier next to the source of pollutants.

The closer the air purifier is to the source of pollutants, the faster it will fix the air problem.

If you have smokers in your home, you can put the air cleaner with activated carbon filter on the table or desktop. It can effectively absorb smoke particles in the air.

You can also put the air purifier near the window or door to filter pollutants before the air with dust, pollen and odor, etc. enters your home. It can be regarded as you germ guardian!

Furthermore, it is effective to place an air purifier at the door of the kitchen or toilet. Kitchen trash cans, sewers and toilets are the sources of odors that can enter other rooms of your home. Put air purifiers in these positions to prevent bad smells from spreading to living rooms or bedrooms.

Tip 2: It Should Be Placed in Rooms Where Your Family Spends the Most Time 

Living rooms and study rooms are spaces where the family spends the most time during the day. So it is recommended to place the air purifier in these rooms during the day, to effectively protect the respiratory health of your family.

At night, the family will sleep in the bedroom. At this time, it is suggested that you put the air purifier in the bedroom to ensure that you are free from air pollution at night.

It is convenient to choose a portable air purifier that can be moved at any time according to the activity area. For example, Purivortex 201B, with a bracket design, enables you to take it anywhere based on your needs.

Tip 3: The Air Purifier Should Be Placed 3-5 ft from the Ground

Should the air purifier be placed high or low? What is the proper height to install air purifiers?

Generally, large air purifiers are placed on the floor. On the one hand, the ground stability is relatively good. On the other hand, the dust and other pollutants in the family are also concentrated in low areas.

As for small air purifiers, you can put them directly on the desktop. The purification range of desktop purifier is limited. Putting it in your breathing area can make you breathe clean air more directly.

Therefore, if the air purifier is placed too high, the effect of air purification and circulation will not be ideal. For best results, you should arrange it at least 3-5 feet from the ground in the area with the greatest airflow.

Tip 4: Don't Place Air Purifiers in Areas with High Humility

It is difficult for the air purifier to work normally in an environment with high humidity. It may damage the electronic board of the air purifier if the filter absorbs too much humility.

In addition, the humidity will damage the filter screen and shorten the service life of the filter.

If you want to use the filter in the kitchen, it is recommended that you put it near the kitchen entrance or trash can to eliminate the odor. Attention! Do not put the filter near hot objects.

It is unwise to use an air purifier in bathrooms. If you insist on using it in a bathroom, you can turn off the device or take it out of the wet area temporarily while taking a bath.

Tip 5: Do Not Place Air Purifiers in Corners

If the air purifier is positioned in a corner or narrow place, this position will prevent the air cleaner from effectively purifying the air. The airflow in the corner is the lowest. The air purifier may work, but it can only purify the air in the corner.

This may also clog the air intake, reducing the speed at which the equipment inhales contaminated air and exhales clean air.

You need to put the air purifier in an open place, make sure there are no obstacles around it, and keep at least three feet away from other furniture or objects. In this way, you can make the most of the air purifier.

Tip 6: Keep Air Purifiers away from Other Electronic Devices

Do not put the air purifier near the TV, microwave oven, stereo and other electronic equipment. Sometimes they will interfere with each other under the influence of radiation.

These electrical appliances will be interfered by the radiation of the air purifier, affecting their normal use. Therefore, a certain distance, at least 5 feet, should be maintained between the air purifier and other electrical appliances.

The air purifier will also hamper the WiFi signal. If they are too close to the router, the WiFi signal will become weak or lost.

Best Placement for Air Purifier in Bedroom

Placing an air purifier in the bedroom can provide you with a good sleep environment, helping you breathe cleaner air and get better sleep.

One-third of a human’s life is spent in bed. Therefore, the location of the air purifier in the bedroom will greatly affect the quality of your sleep. So where should you locate the air purifier?

In the bedroom, you may spend most time on your bed. The best position to put the air purifier is your breathing zone. During sleep time, the closer the device is to your head, the shorter the distance of clean air to you.

This means that you need to put the air purifier on the bedside table or a table about 3 ft away from you, so as to provide you with clean air directly during sleep.

There is another factor you need to consider: NOISE. Maybe some people may like the white noise produced by the air purifier, but others may find the noise unbearable and make it difficult to sleep. If you think the air purifier on the bedside table will interfere with your sleep, you should move it away.

However, one thing to note is that in order to get the maximum benefit from your air purifier, you should always turn it on instead of turning it off directly because of noise.

The above air purifier placement tips are ideal for all brands, such as Purivortex, Levoit, Blueair, Dyson, Winix, Xiaomi, Honeywell, Philips, Coway, Medify Air, etc.

FAQ About Air Purifiers Placement

Q1. Is it safe/effective to place an air purifier under a desk/ home office working station?

Putting the air purifier in these areas can still purify the air, but it doesn't play its greatest role.

Supposing your air purifier is large, you can arrange it under the table. The larger the size of the air purifier, the larger the area it can filter the air. You can still be embraced by clean air in the case of positioning the air cleaner under the desk.

However, if your purifier is small, you'd better put it on the desktop to help you breathe clean air directly. You can choose a desktop air purifier, that can be placed on the table without taking up too much space.

Q2. Is it better to have the window closed or open when one has an Air purifier?

The air purifier recovers air. If it recycles air in a closed room, it will keep the room clean. It would greatly reduce the effect of the air purifier if you keep the window open and let the outside air with dust, pollen and particles enter.

Of course, if the outside air is better than the inside, you can just open the window and let the outside air in. This is also possible.

In another case, if you just want to remove the indoor smoke and odors, you can run a purifier with an activated carbon filter and at the same time keep the window open. Waste, but it may remove smoke and some odors faster.

Q3. Where is the best placement for a humidifier and an air purifier in one room?

In principle, it is not recommended to put them in one room.

First of all, the water mist from the humidifier is essentially the same as PM2.5. They are aerosol particles. Especially when the water mist touches the ash layer in the air, it will be treated as a pollutant by the air purifier, which not only fails to achieve the humidification effect of the humidifier, but also increases the burden of the air purifier.

Secondly, the air purifier generally adopts activated carbon filter screens and HEPA filter screens. In a humid environment, the activated carbon filter screen is vulnerable to moisture and loses the function of adsorbing peculiar smell. HEPA filter screen will also be blocked by water mist in a humid environment, resulting in poor purification efficiency.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use an air purifier and a humidifier together.

If you insist on putting the humidifier and air purifier in the same room, it is suggested to put them away from each other, keeping a distance of at least 6.5 feet.

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