7 Simple Ways to Test If Air Purifiers Are Working


How to tell if your air purifier is working to improve the air quality in your home or office?

In this blog, I'll show you the 7 best ways to see if your air purifier is working.

You can 100% trust me as all the below ways have been tested by our Purivortex experts.

Way 1. Listen to the Fan Noise

Almost every air purifier has a fan inside. Once the air purifier is working, the fan will rotate.

Turn on your air purifier and listen to the fan's operating noise. You should hear a slight sound if the machine is working.

You can also put your hand where the air is coming out. There should be a steady breeze. If not, your machine isn't working properly.

Be aware if the fan has a stinging sound. If there is any strange noise, please check if your air purifier is clogged by dust or other litter. Under such a circumstance, you may need to change the filter.

Way 2. Touch Your Air Purifier Motor

Every electronic product emits heat when the device is turned on, such as your phone and television.

How to tell if your portable air purifier is working?

Simply put your hands on the air purifier's motor. You may feel a little warm (maybe very slightly). Then, touch the other parts of the air purifier. You will notice that the motor part is warmer than the other parts. Thus, you can tell if your air purifier is functioning properly.

Way 3. Monitor the Indicator Lights

There are two types of air purifiers: one with status LEDs only, and the other one with built-in air quality sensors.

How to test if these air purifiers are working?

Check the below ways now.

#1. Air purifiers with status LEDs only

LEDs will indicate the status of the air purifier. For example, if you turn on the air cleaner's night light, the light will illuminate.

Therefore, check if your air purifier's status LEDs are on. If yes, your device will be working as well.

#2. Air purifiers with built-in air quality sensors

If your air purifier has a real-time air quality indicator light, you can find if the air purifier is working based on the light's color

Let's take Purivortex V3 as an example.

V3 has a built-in sensor to detect the amount of dust in the air and reports the air quality with the light color.

If the light is green, congrats! It means that the air quality in your home is fresh and pure as if you're breathing in a forest!

The presence of an orange light indicates that the air quality is moderate. Please don't worry. You are still living in an area with good air quality, which means that your machine is still operational。

You should be aware that if the light is red, which means your air quality is bad. Your air purifier has detected a high level of airborne pollutants. You can turn on the auto mode. Then, the fan will be set to a high speed and run at that speed automatically until the light color changes from red to green.

Way 4. Check the Filter Manually

Normally, a brand-new filter is usually clean, dust-free, hair-free, debris-free, and white. The color of the filter will change to grey or dirty-looking as dust, hair, or other airborne pollutants attached to the filter after 2-3 weeks of use.

Hence, the color of your filter tells you if the air purifier is functioning.

Way 5. Check the Air Quality with a Monitor or Chemical Test Kits

How to test if your air filter is working?

You can buy an air quality monitor or chemical test kits to monitor how your air quality changes.

How long does it take to notice a difference with an air purifier?

You can also find the answer in a few minutes by following the steps below.

#1. Test if your air purifier is working with a monitor

Step 1. Turn off your air purifier for at least an hour. Then, turn on your monitor to take a first reading of the air in your room

Step 2. Before taking a second reading, you need to shut all the windows for at least 30 minutes and turn on your air filter。

If the air quality reading improves, your air purifier will work effectively.

#2. Check if your air cleaner is working with chemical tests

Step 1. Before you start the test. Please keep the room closed for 1 to 3 hours with your air purifier turned off.

Mix the powder with the liquid contained in the round box and wait for approximately 2 hours.

Step 2. Repeat step 1 with the air purifier on, and inspect if the liquid in the two boxes differs in color.

If the color is purer with the air purifier turned on, your device is working properly.

Way 6. Decrease in Odor and Dust

Do you experience pet odors in your living room or food odors in your kitchen?

Carbon filters in air purifiers can remove odors. To ensure whether your air cleaner is working, you can turn on the air purifier for a few days to check if the smell subsides.

Dust cannot be completely removed because it's everywhere, but if you keep the air purifier on 24/7, you will notice improvements.

Normally, you need to mop the dust from the computer and the table whenever cleaning the house. If the dust on your table or computer has decreased after using an air purifier, you can be certain that your device is doing its job properly.

Way 7. Your Feelings

How can you tell if your air purifier is working?

Let your body be your final guide.

If you are suffering from asthma or allergy, or cannot sleep well at night, keep your air purifier on 24/7. If your asthma or allergy symptoms are relieved, or your sleep quality improves, (for example, you won't feel hard to breathe, and your rhinitis is eased), it means that your air purifier is working.

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