Replacement Filter for AC400 HEPA Air Purifier

Filter Type :

HEPA Filter Replacement for Purivortex AC400 Air Purifier

We provide 3 different replacement filters (3-in-1 H13 true HEPA filters) for your choice based on your clean air needs.

The White Filter (Original Standard Filter): Designed for dust, pollen, dust and smells

The Yellow Filter: Designed for removing all allergens, like pet dander/fur, dust mites, pollen, hay fever, etc. 

The Blue-Gree Filter: Designed for removing VOCs, gas, smells and odors

The above 3 replacement filters all include 3-layer HEPA filtration - the pre-filter, the H13 HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter, able to remove all common particles, allergens and odors.

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