V3 – Smart HEPA Air Purifier for up to 1,076 ft2 Large Rooms

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Designed for Large Rooms

Refreshes the air 2X an hour in a 1,076 ft2 large room to effectively all airborne particles, smells and odors. This air purifier will truly up your comfortable living in your living room, bedroom, family room, playroom, kitchen, or basement.

Your Home Air Quality Is Always in the Know

You're just ONE tap away from clean air. The large room HEPA air purifier comes with auto mode, 1, 2 & 3 speed, so you are able to customize the fan speed. When auto mode is enabled, the smart air cleaner automatically adjusts fan speed based on real-time air quality reported by the sensor.

The air quality is always in the know with the LED display. It changes color to indicate good (green), moderate (orange) and poor (red).

4-Stage Filtration - 99.97% of Ultrafine Particles Gone

A washable fabric pre-filter offers the first layer of protection, catching large particles & extending the life of the HEPA filter. H13 True HEPA filter blocks small airborne particles (larger than 0.3 micrometer), like pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke and more. The activated carbon filter and cold catalyst filter absorb household odors from pets, cooking, smoking, VOCs, and gases.

More Air, Less Energy, Lower Noise

Go to sleep with peace of mind, knowing you will wake up in a fresh room in the morning. In sleep mode, the air purifier runs at just 23 dB. The HEPA air cleaner, with the best-in-class energy efficiency, is 30% more power-saving than standard ones.

Match to Your Space with Customizable Pre-Filters

Adapt to your home décor with customizable premium fabric pre-filter colors. The washable pre-filter (green and grey colors included) catches large particles, and extends the life of the primary filter. Simply vacuum the fabric or put it in the washing machine whenever it needs cleaning.

Perfect Combination of Appearance & Ergonomics Design

Purivortex V3 is a stylish chic and a combination of design and craftsmanship. Created by Purivortex Design Team, this air purifier is not just an air purifier, but an art, icon, and craft. Besides its marvelous look, it is ergonomic, enabling you to move it from room to room, place to place easily and effortlessly.


Product Name V3
Power Supply 45 W
Rated Power 100-120 V, 60 Hz
Effective Range Up to 1,076 ft2/100 m2
Noise Level 23-55 dB
Dimensions 51 X 33 X 17 cm/20 X 13 X 6.7 in
Net Weight
6 kg/13.2 lbs.
What's in the Box 1X Air Purifier
1X Power Adapter
1X User Manual

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